The Roo Review

Your Winter Break Begins here! :)

A Preview...

M/W/F-Language of the Day (LOD) is Spanish

T/ Th-Language of the Day (LOD) is English

Monday December 14~

Latte in the Library Starts~!! Stop by!

Lesson Plans and Newsletters due

Happy Monday!

Tuesday December 15~

Pictures with Santa!

Safety Team meets after school

2nd Grade Music Program @ 6:30

Progress Reports go out

Wednesday December 16~

Everyone bring chips and your favorite dip to share!!

Vendor Gina the Jewelry Lady

Thursday December 17~

Geography Bee 9:00

Wright Singers go Caroling

Friday December 18~

PK-2 Sing A Long 8:30

3-6 Sing A Long 9:30

Parties start no earlier than 10:30

Dismissal @ 11:45, We will announce when you may leave

Pictures With Santa!

Come visit with Santa and have your picture made with him!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

7:30 a.m. to noon

Bill Wright Elementary Library

Cost: only $3.00!!


Morning Announcements: Bristow/Bell

Character First Trait for December: Diligence


Happy December Birthdays!

December 16-Carol

December 17-Ruby Gardea

December 30-Casey

December 30-Tammy

December 31-Susan

Upcoming Events

January 4-Return to School-Campus PD

January 5-Kiddos return!

January 6-College colors day!

January 7-6th Collaboration

January 8-RtI Meetings

January 11-PLC

January 13-PBIS team meets

January 14-Cici's night-6th grade teachers

January 14-5th and 1st collaboration

January 15-End of 3rd six weeks

January 15-RtI meetings

January 18-Student Holiday-Comp Day

Celebrating Each Other!

Natalie Simmons
Janet Anderson
Martha Roman
Hanna Pike
Carrie Ellis

Stephanie Jester

Rosey Gray, Brandy Murphy, and Phyllis Clark

Gene Autry - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (Full Song)

Love and Logic-Problems with Warnings

How do we teach kids to be safe in a dangerous world?

Let's consider two different parents.

Jan's parents love her dearly. As a result, they are careful to be caring and consistent. When Jan misbehaves, they warn her of the consequences.

Because they love her and want to be fair, they provide another warning when she continues to misbehave. Since they know it's important to hold kids accountable, Jan's parents eventually provide a logical consequence when she ignores their warnings.

Mary's parents love her dearly. As a result, they are careful to be caring and consistent. When Mary misbehaves, they ask her to stop. If she continues to misbehave, they provide a consequence without additional warnings.

Jan believes that cause-and-effect doesn't become a reality until she has made two or three bad decisions.

Mary has learned that cause-and-effect becomes a reality after only one bad decision.

Repeated warnings create kids who may not survive in a dangerous world. That's why Love and Logic parents don't give them.