Conflict and Cooperation

By Sadie Snell


When people move, their cultural mosaics can change but the same information is there and this greatly affects their conflict and cooperation with different social groups as well as how and where they live

Bullets and Ballots

In the simulation of the conflict and cooperation or social groups in Guatemala I played the role of a peasant. The other social groups are the Guerillas, Government, the Army and Wealthy, and the USA. The Army and Wealthy started with all the power and the only way for the Peasants to get what we needed was to make alliances. The Guerillas where pretty much angry Peasants with arms so we convinced them to fight with us and give up their arms to the Government. At this point the Guerillas became Peasants. The power the Peasants held was voting and we doubled it with the new additions of Guerillas and the Government could play the take over card against the Army and Wealthy. The Army and Wealthy had been killing our families, destroying crops and homes, and taking out human rights from us and controlling the government. They tried to attack our Alliance but a leftover land mine from the Guerillas stopped them and we played the take over card. The new president of Guatemala was from the Government and the Vice was from the Peasants. The USA didn't play a huge role in the simulation except giving us arms. I predict that in the future, the new president will not succeed in giving the Peasants what they need and a civil war will break out.


In Syria there is a civil war going on. This is between social groups with different cultural mosaics (beliefs, thoughts, actions) and what a shift in power. It started with people having a peaceful protest on their needs not being met. Then when they didn't stop, the President ordered the Government to open fire on them. There was shooting and chemical weapons. The president, Bashar Assad, opened fire on HIS OWN PEOPLE because he wants them to stop. Everyone wanted him to resign however he didn't and they attacks continued against peaceful protests and didn't give the protesters what they needed.. On top of this, the radical militant group ISIS is slowly taking over parts of Syria to take control and make Syria they way they want it.

The situation in Syria is a lot like the bullets and ballets situation. There are conflicting social groups, a group abusing their power, and people who are suffering from this. In bullets and ballets the army and wealthy abused their power against the peasants and in Syrian President Assad is doing this against the civilians. In bullets and ballots the Guerillas wanted a communist society and wanted to take it over. In Syria ISIS is doing the same thing; taking over.


We all have cultural mosaics and also conflict and cooperate with many people. For example, my cultural mosaic is mostly horse related since that is what i'm passionate. This will affect my life because when i'm older I will move somewhere with many possibilities to make a living in horses. Also, if I was very passionate about theater and singing I wouldn't move to Texas because there aren't many opportunities to make a living with that department there. I'd move to New York because New York is the center of theater, singing, and dancing. Tons of people get their start there. Because of this, in the future I will move down South because I can do everything I can do in the summer right now all year round or Vermont because there are many great farms and trainers there.

In bullets and ballots the Army and Wealthy bossed everyone around, they were in charge despite the Government having legal power. I used to hang out with a big group of friends and it became very obvious that one was in charge and chose who she hung out with and who she didn't. If you were someone she liked to hang out with then you thrived and if not then you suffered. I was someone she never liked to hang out with, even though she said she wanted to. This is a lot like the Army and Wealthy because they promised a lot but never gave it. I was a lot like a peasant because I played nice for a while then became a Guerilla and decided I'd had enough and I stopped being around them. This was my way of protesting, much like the peasants and Guerillas. In the future I won't have any further conflicts with this group but there will be internal conflicts once they others get affected by the same thing as me.

Some abused power can be fixed.