DD Sports Clinic

“This is a fictional product for a school project”

Our clinic is just around the corner!

Improving dodge-ball skills is essential for everyone. During your time at our clinic you will be making new friends, learning how dodge-ball started, and most importantly... Having fun!

DD Sports Clinic

Wednesday, Feb. 5th, 12pm

372 S Main St

Climax, MI


11:55 AM: Arrive to Climax-Scotts High School

12:00 PM: Members socialize with each other

12:15 PM: Stretching

12:30 PM: Learning the basic rules and skills of dodge-ball

12:45 PM: Practicing new skills with a teammate

1:00 PM: Throwing drills to improve speed and accuracy

1:15 PM: Reviewing new rules

2:00 PM: Scrimmaging