Stimulating at its Finest

Learn how to stimulate your child's brain quicker!

Simplicity is Key

Experts highly suggest to give children an environment with positive interaction and talking. Doing healthy stuff that is good for your child every day will build the pathways between neurons. Giving the baby everyday experiences such as baths, singing, cuddling, etc. will help foster the development in children.

Experiences Need to Match Child's Mental Ability

To help develop babies brains, they should have many different toys. They need to be safe sized toys because babies learn about the world by putting stuff in their mouth. Flashcards or board games would be way too advanced for an infant. But gradually learning with toys showing color and shapes will teach them that most stuff is different in colors and shapes.

If you told babies about the outdoors and never took them outdoors, then the babies won't develop as well as they could with hands on activities. They smell, taste stuff to learn whats around them. Books help their imagination, learning different things about life, colors, etc. Also, doing stuff like reading will help them for later in life. Just like the taste of food. The more they eat green beans when they're younger, the more they'll enjoy them when their older. So the more they read when they're younger, the more likely they are to enjoy reading when their older.

Avoid Pushing

Look for clues as to if the child enjoys the place you are or not. If they do you can take them there more, if not you shouldn't pursue it. Children learn best when they are interested in what they are doing. You could take your child to the movies, race car driving, or a restaurant. But if they cry the whole time, you should stop because the baby doesn't like the place.


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By: Madison Barrows