Unified Arts Weekly Update


May 25th to May 29th

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Activities, Resources, and Opportunities

The following resources and suggested activities are being provided to assist you with various learning activities and opportunities. Please consider having your child/ children participate in any of the below activities that spark an interest in them. These are some great activities to keep a student engaged and learning.

Art: Mr. Arthers

Guidance: Mr. Schriver

Music: Mr. Viera

Phys.Ed/Health: Mr. Gaw

Technology/Library: Mrs. Jarret

Art - Still Life in Pictures

Watch this video below by artist Brandon Schaefer on how to set up a still life.

Learn To Draw #06 - Setting Up A Still Life
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Guidance - Greetings from the Counselor

Hello PCES/MS students and parents.

I thought we would talk about caring for this week's lessons. These last 10 weeks have been crazy, but they have also been kind of good for us. We learned a great deal about ourselves and hopefully you have learned new and exciting things about the people around you. I have learned that I can get things done that I have put off for a very long time, and had a great time doing them. I have learned that I love meditation even more and know that I should have been doing it way more than I have.

  • What have you learned about yourselves?
  • What have you taught others about yourself?

I would love to hear your thoughts on these questions, so please feel free to email me your thoughts and questions at jschriver@sad4.org.

Of course I also have some fun things to do for this lesson as well. The first project comes from the book, “Sitting Still Like a Frog Activity Book” by Eline Snel. We have done a number of lessons from this book and I have enjoyed sharing them with you guys. This lesson is called, What Do You Really Care About? I feel this goes so well with what we all have been going through. We can use it as a reminder of what we were able to accomplish and who we were able to make memories with.

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Guidance - The Monkey Mind Meditation Deck

The other activities included in this week's lesson involve two different meditations from “The Monkey Mind Meditation Deck”, by Carolyn Kanjuro. We have used some of these cards in previous lessons and I think that these two are perfect for our current situation. The first card is Tree, it has a little guy and a tree pictured on it. This card reminds us to keep true to our selves no matter what is going on around us. Things change all the time and we can either fight them, and get angry or sad, or we can realize that simply because things change does not mean we have to change. We may loose friends, or pets, or items, just like a tree looses its leaves in the fall, but in the spring new life starts and new leaves form, just as new friendships form, new bonds are built between us and our loved ones.
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Guidance - Mountain

The second card is Mountain, and it has a little girl sitting in front on a mountain. All kinds of things live on mountains, and all kinds of things happen on mountains. Trees grow, animals live, snow piles up on them, rivers take things down, fires burn the trees, but all the while the mountain is still a mountain. It doesn’t force the trees to live one way or the animals another way. It just stays there, calm and stable. We can be the same way with everything going on around us that we can not control, friends pushing us one way, pulling us another way, we are there, calm and stable.

I hope you enjoy this week's lessons and I will be right back here next week, same bat time, same bat channel (ask your parents, or even grand parents.)

Mr. Schriver

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Music - Mood and Music!

You may not realize, but music has a huge impact on how movies make you feel. Here is a video showing the beginning of The Lion King with a few different music styles. Notice how the change in music changes the entire scene!

Mr. Viera

How Music Affects Film #17


Band Interest

Are you interested in joining the band next year? Fill out this short survey to let me know what grade you’re in and what instrument you’re interested in.

Phys.Ed/Health - New Activity or Fitness Program

There are many things to consider when you are starting a new activity or fitness program. Some of the aspects of the activity are obvious...however many of the aspects are not as obvious to someone starting out. Fill out the Activity Planning sheet below to help you begin a program and help alleviate any potential problems or dangers.

Mr. Gaw

Technology/Library - Circuits

To expand on how computers work, here is a video that explains circuits and the logic behind how they work. Can you see how math is utilized? How about science? Even art uses technology!

Can't wait until we can get back into the classroom and build our own circuits!!

One of the presenters was part of the team that created the X-Box! Check it out!

Mrs. J

How Computers Work: Circuits and Logic

Technology/Library - Scavenger Hunt

Since the weather is so nice, I thought I would provide you with a Nature Scavenger Hunt sheet!

How many can you find? If you have siblings, make it a competition - who can find the most?

Have fun! Stay safe! Enjoy the warmer weather!

Mrs. J

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