NOVEMBER 2015 Success Report

The Charming Dotties

Look at all that you achieved!

Fun Stats about November

We sold over $121,000 More than we did in October..... WHAT?!!!!! (That's insane!) ;)
We had a RECORD BREAKING 19 team promotions
We added 12 new stylists
We had a RECORD BREAKING 27 stylists who sold over $2300 and bumped up their commission to 30%-35%
came in at #67 COMPANY WIDE in Top SALES!!! WOW!!!!

....And.... are you sitting down, as a team we earned over $53,000 in COMMISSIONS on our little blue cards in the month of November! Plus an additional $7,850 in PROMOTION BONUSES (if I did all my math correctly!) :) With matching bonuses of over $7000 MORE coming when you hit your new payrank again!

November 2015 Combined Team Sales

As a TEAM we sold.... $192,732
This was well BEYOND record breaking for us! As a team, we sold $146,000 last November!
In order to hit Senior Director, we were aiming for $120,000 but my actual goal was to have us do $150,000.... and we even beat THAT goal by almost $42,000!!

If you sold one pair of earrings, had a trunk show or 4 trunk shows, or beat your best in sales... you were a part of that!!!
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We had two new Associate Director Promotions in November! This is HUGE!

Marni Smith of Chicago, Illinois

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Kimberly Hardin of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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A special commendation!

I have to give a special shout-out to Meghann VanderBaan, I cannot even begin to express how stinkin' PROUD I am of what you accomplished in November!!!!! Your team sales QUADRUPLED (they did over $50,000 in November), and grew by 6 new stylists... and with Meghann's leadership, inspiration, and coaching, they promoted not one, not two, not three, BUT FOUR new leaders on your team!!! (Marni, Gillian, Sara, & Quinn!) We are all just overjoyed at what a gift you are to our team and the Stella & Dot family!!
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Congratulations on earning yourself a Spot at our Directors Summit in Napa in January- Associate Directors & Above!

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Congratulations to our Newest STAR Stylists!

We had a Record Breaking amount of STAR Stylist Promotions this November!!!

We promoted SEVEN new Star Stylists in November (Joining our current Stars Amanda Byrne & Meghan Heuring)! This is SUCH a special accomplishment at Stella & Dot! You are shining BRIGHT!!

Look Who promoted to Senior Stylist!

Congratulations to our Newest Senior Stylists!

You are growing a team and steadily increasing your personal and team sales! We know this is just the BEGINNING for you ladies!!
Anne Stevens & Gillian Mathews also promoted to Senior Stylist in November!

Look who promoted to ASSOCIATE Stylist!

Well done ladies!!! You + one stylist (or more) sold over $2,500 collectively in the month!
Gemma Kiely of Athlone, Westmeanth IRELAND
Leslie Madden of Birmingham, Michigan
Jennifer Boutet of Windsor, Ontario CANADA
Ria Zandier of Jefferson Hill, Pennsylvania

Congrats to our newest LEAD stylist!

Jillian Robinson of Alphretta, Georgia

We DID IT!!! We promoted to a Senior Director team in Stella & Dot! Every single one of you is part of this!

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Top 10 in Sales for SEPTEMBER 2015

Gillian Mathews $13,369

Kelli Robinson $11,286

Anne Stevens $7,082

Victoria Byrd $6,919

Marianne Diels $6,108

Kristy Jones $5,493

Marni Smith $5,030

Patricia Brennan $4,722

Sara Van Scyoc $4,640

Amanda Byrne $4,570

Who gave themselves a Comission BOOST!

These ladies gave themselves a Pay bump! By selling over $2300, their commission bumped up to 30%!!!!

Patricia Brennan

Sara Van Scyoc

Amanda Byrne

Kenzie Wilkey

Jessica Kubiak

Sue O'Callaghan

Christine Harbort Frink

Meghann VanderBaan

Lisa Raubolt

Elyssa Sardy

Ceri Danziger

Joanna Collins

Elizabeth Bernhard

Heather Feeney

deborah cusick

Kelly Miller

cherie thomas

Marissa Wolfe

Ria Zandier

meghan heuring

POWER HOUSE sellers gave themselves an even bigger pay bump in comission AND $100 in free product by selling $5000 in the month

Stellar Sellers:

Anne Stevens

Victoria Byrd

Marianne Diels

Kristy Jones

Marni Smith

ANd.. the following Stylists earned a $1000+ BONUS by selling over $10,000 in the month

Gillian Mathews
Kelli Robinson

Want to earn even more Income & Rewards?! Here's How!

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Welcome to our newest Stylists and congrats to their Sponsors!!!

A very warm welcome to....

AMY RUBENSTEIN of Cincinnati OH (Sponsor: Gillian Mathews)

Meghan Stegemann of Chicago IL (Sponsor: Marni Smith)

Lee Thalhamer of Darien CT (Sponsor: Anne Stevens)

Lauren Hartman of Huntington Beach CA (Sponsor: Elizabeth Buttel)

Elizabeth Buttell of Springfield IL (Sponsor: Marni Smith)

Jacki Shapiro of Northbrook IL (Sponsor: Gillian Mathews)

Nancy Voticky of Chicago IL (Sponsor: Gillian Mathew, her daughter!)

Tara Stevenson of Grand Blanc MI (Sponsor: Kelli Robinson)

Carrie Parrilla of Pittsburgh PA (Sponsor: Ria Zandier)

Miriam Fortune of Athlone Roscommon Ireland (Sponsor: Gemma Rocket)

Stefanie Lynn of New Athens IL (Sponsor: Meghan Kreher)

Kathleen Addis of Princeton NJ (Sponsor: Anne Stevens, her sis!)

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The Following stylists are Qualified -Sold $500+ retail (325 PQV)

Gillian Mathews

Amanda Byrne

Amelia Srugis

Amy Porter

Andrea Cooper

Anne Stevens

Brandi Lawrey

Brittany Jensen

Carrie Parrilla

Ceri Danziger

cherie thomas

Christine Harbort Frink

Dana Heimann

Danielle Rodriguez

deborah cusick

Deborah Schoenherr

Deirdre Kiely

Elizabeth Bernhard

Elizabeth Buttell

Elizabeth Fisher

Elizabeth Garcia

Ellen Rigsby

Elyssa Sardy

Emily Boutet

Emily Rodenbeck

Erin Swenson

Gabrielle Bratic

Gemma Rockett

Heather Feeney

Heather Jones

Jacki Shapiro

Jackie Bellm

Jacquelyn Kallam

Jenifer Spiga

Jenna Skellie

Jennifer Boutet

Jenny Conley

Jessica Hawryluk

Jessica Kubiak

Jillian Robinson

Joanna Collins

Jodi Markwood

Julie Loggins

Julie Ryan Lynch

Kathleen Addis

Kathleen Wolney

Kelli Robinson

Kelli Robinson

Kelly Miller

Kenzie Wilkey

kim hardin

Kimberly Reizian

Kirsten O'Roak

Kristin David Schneider

Kristy Jones

Lauren Colombo

Lee Thalhamer

Leigh Anne Mixon

Leslie Farmer

Leslie Madden

Liane Meram

Lindsay Wasowski

Lindsey deBuhr

Lisa Chura

Lisa Raubolt

Marianne Diels

Marissa Wolfe

Marni Smith

Megan Peebles

meghan heuring

Meghan Kreher

Meghan Stegemann

Meghann VanderBaan

Nancy Voticky

Natalie Gapinski

Paige Morris

Patricia Brennan

Quinn Mullin

Ria Zandier

Sabrina Kaufman

Sara Van Scyoc

Sarah Pyke

Stefanie Lynn

Sue O'Callaghan

Taylor Wilkey

Trisha VanTornhout

Victoria Byrd

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The Following stylists sponsored!!

Congratulations to the following stylists who brought new Stylist in our amazing team!!

Gillian Mathews- 3 new Stylists!

Anne Stevens- 2 new stylists!

Marni Smith -2 new stylists!

Elizabeth Buttell - 1 new stylist- *First time sponsor!

Kelli Robinson- 1 new stylist

Ria Zandier- 1 new stylist

Gemma Rocket- 1 new stylist

Meghan Kreher- 1 new stylist

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These stylists had new qualified stylists this month!!

Kelli Robinson 4

Gillian Mathews 3

Anne Stevens 2

Marni Smith 2

Marianne Diels 1

Sara Van Scyoc 1

Lisa Raubolt 1

Ria Zandier 1

meghan heuring 1

Jennifer Boutet 1

Heather Jones 1

Jillian Robinson 1

Meghan Kreher 1

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Look at how many trunk shows this ladies had this month!!!!

Everything in our Business STARTS with in-home Trunk Shows!!

Gillian Mathews 13 (Ummmmm... what?? I guess this is how you sell over $13,000 and promote to Senior and Star stylist and sponsor 3 new stylists!) :)

Victoria Byrd 7

Kelli Robinson 6

Marni Smith 5

Sara Van Scyoc 5

Kenzie Wilkey 5

Anne Stevens 4

Kristy Jones 4

Ceri Danziger 4

Marianne Diels 3

Jessica Kubiak 3

Sue O'Callaghan 3

Meghann VanderBaan 3

Lisa Raubolt 3

Elyssa Sardy 3

Elizabeth Bernhard 3

Kelly Miller 3

Sabrina Kaufman 3

Nicole Kleppe 3

You want to learn how to earn a boatload of free jewelry this season... Here's How!

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Don't Forget! We have daily Tips & Ideas to help you Style your Holiday Season!

Your leaders are sharing all kinds of fun ideas to jumpstart your holiday season!!

Are you loving the Home Office Training & Inspiration? 12 Days of Stella!

Be sure to jumps on our team FACEBOOK PAGE and let us know how it's helping you to BOOK UP your calendar and spread that fabulous, exciting, Stella & Dot JOY!!!

Detroit Stylist Meet-up and Spring Release Rally! Please RSVP ASAP!

TUESDAY, January 12th at the Bird and the Bread in Birmingham!

If you are not in Michigan, check out a local meet-up near you!
It's in the website under "Be a stylist" or via this link:

We have SO much to celebrate join us for a TEAM PARTY in January!

You've gotta make plans to join us!
People are coming from IL, OH, & PA!!! Come!
It will be mostly fun and celebration BUT you know we'll probably have some great time of idea sharing and business building tips while we're hanging out!!

if you can join us!
Once we know who is all is coming we're organize the details... if you're coming from out of town you can sleep over etc. we'll figure all of that out ;)

I have to share the wise words from Star Meghan Heuring on why YOU need to join us for HOOPLA!

One thing that I love so much about watching all of these promotions is that I have gotten the chance to get to KNOW these ladies at HOOPLA! Hanging out in sessions, by the pool, during dinner conversations...that is where the bonds happen.

The time will come this summer when all of your leaders will start encouraging you to attend Hoopla and hopefully you will JUMP in and sign up!!

9 of the 18 stylists that attended Hoopla have promoted THIS month alone. Not to mention their promotions throughout the last 4 months! Other promotions have come to those who have attended an area bootcamp too.

This is WHY we say that HOOPLA can add so much to your business. Start planning now for July 21st -23rd in Orlando, FL. I look forward to getting to know all of you there!

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Kelli Robinson

Senior Director & Founding Leader
The Charming Dotties Stylist Team
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