2B Happenings!

Working hard and having fun in 2B!

Dear 2B Family,

I want to thank you all for your flexibility this week with water main breaks and all that associated craziness!! I know how difficult it can be to get that phone call at the last minute, and you guys were all great about it.

I am still collecting bottle caps for some activities in our classroom. I am specifically looking for the ones off of MILK jugs. If you have any you could send in (please rinse them first), that would be much appreciated.

See you next Tuesday!

Thank you!

Spelling Sentences!!

We have been focusing on the 6 rules of making nouns plural!! For this week's homework, please make each noun plural, and write a sentence with it! *Next to each sentence, include the NUMBER of the RULE you followed to make the noun plural!!*

Rule #1: Most nouns, just add s
Rule #2: Nouns that end in ch, sh, s, o, x, z, add es
Rule #3: Nouns that end in -vowel-y, just add s
Rule #4: Nouns that end in -consonant-y, drop the y and add ies
Rule #5: Nouns that end in f, change the f to a v and add es

(Rule #6: Some goofy nouns are already plural or have a totally different plural (eg. sheep; foot - feet). -they have learned this rule, but none of this week's spelling words will use it)

WORDS: boy / city / dress / penny / life / story / turkey / size / wolf / baby / firefly / valley / shelf / pony / buzz

Sentences due 1/20; Spelling test on 1/22.

This week in Math

Subtracting with regrouping continues full speed ahead! The students are starting to grasp the concepts as we play with manipulating those problems more and more. (Add to check, filling in blank digits, word problems, etc). They're really catching on. There's also been a little friendly math fact competition in the classroom with the ipads Flash to Pass game... it's been great to watch as they compete to get the fastest times! Subtraction station and math centers also continue to be quite popular!

This week in Science

This week our science lessons were cancelled and cut short due to the water issues and half days, but we started a lesson learning about the differences between freshwater and saltwater. Next week, we'll explore both in a short lab.

This week in Religion

We learned this week about Saint Paul the Hermit - a more obscure saint, but one we discussed as he pertains to our ongoing discussion on the myriad different ways that God may call us to serve. We have also started in earnest our work on the 10 Commandments as a guideline for an examination of Faith, learning the hand signs to help us remember the order and working on a fun foldable.

First Reconcilation Parent Meeting

Wednesday, Jan. 27th, 7pm

1200 South Davis Drive

Arlington, TX

This MANDATORY parent meeting will be held in the Cafetorium.