Careers in science

Electromechanical technicians, Cooper Warren 3rd hour

What you will do in this career

  • Design parts for new equipment and replace parts of existing equipment
  • May draft prototypes into computer simulations
  • Maintenance workers generally work at factories repairing or installing equipment
  • Employees may also assemble circuit boards in sterile laboratories
  • Employees must be willing to work at a variety of places
  • Competition for job openings in this career is expected to get worse in the coming years
  • Employees must have a Bachelors degree in electronics and several other mechanical engineering classes
  • Employees may work overtime to meet deadlines
  • Employees may contribute to patents, some even invent the patent
  • Maintenance workers have to deal with noisy factory equipment and occasionally fumes

Pros and cons


  • Entry level employees have a salary of $35,930 a year in Wisconsin
  • Some people enjoy the challenges that are part of this career and treat them like brain teaser puzzles
  • Electromechanical technicians are near the top of building process, they will sometimes draft schematics for new equipment


  • Technicians who perform maintenance often work at manufacturing plants which can be very noisy and sometimes dangerous
  • May work overtime to meet deadlines
  • The amount of job opportunities and competition for this career is expected to balloon in the next few years as more and more manufacturing plants start using robotics


High school courses

  • Electricity and electronics
  • engineering design and development
  • mathematics for technology and engineering
  • technical writing

  • Bachelors degree in electro mechanics

Colleges that provide this program

Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) 1825 N. Blue mound drive P. O box 2277 Appleton, WI 54912-2277 .

Pros and cons


  • School offers internships
  • Accelerated degree
  • Entrance difficulty: open, virtually all applicants are accepted

  • In state tuition $4,373 out of state tuition $6,299
  • School doesn't have 24 hour emergency telephone
  • School has a policy of deferred entrance
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) 2740 W Mason street P.O box 19042 Green Bay, Wisconsin 54307-19042

Pros and cons


  • School has 24 hour emergency line
  • Services for students with disabilities
  • Minimal entrance difficulty 95% of applicants accepted

  • In state tuition $4,274
  • School has a policy of preferential admissions: state residents
  • School has summer session courses for credit

Job advertisement

Job seekers interested in robotics may want to invest in becoming an electromechanical technician, a job that requires a Bachelors degree, but some employers will hire people with an associates degree. Employees will need to have an acute attention to detail, and well developed hand-eye coordination. The amount of job openings is expected to increase in the coming years as more and more factories become automated. If you are interested go to this website ____________or submit this form to PO box ___________.