WOW: Working On Wellness

Centennial's Employee Wellness Fall Newsletter

Creating a Staff Wellness Program

Centennial’s District Wellness Committee has been making Employee Wellness a priority for the last three years. We have been looking at the best ways to support staff to do the hard work during the school year. Our job each day is to support the growth, learning and success of students. That is a big job and one that requires all staff performing at their very best every day. This means we need to create an environment throughout Centennial that allows and encourages staff to take care of themselves, offers supports for the hard times, and creates opportunities for self-care and growth. All too frequently, self-care is the last thing on the to-do list!

Centennial SD was awarded an Employee Wellness grant from OEA Choice Trust to create a program that addressed the needs of our staff such as stress, nutrition and weight supports, and increasing physical activity opportunities. This is the first year of our grant program and the WOW committee has supported staff appreciation weeks, created some funds for building supervisors to do a little something for their hardworking staff, and created classes and resources for all staff participation.

Hopefully you are returning to the 2015-2016 school year feeling relaxed and invigorated! Let's help each other to keep that feeling ALL year!

District-wide Activity Challenge!!!!

Do you like a little friendly competition? Do you or your school want to win some great prizes? Join the Fire Up Your Feet activity challenge! Register as an individual/team or school and log all your activity! The top 3 individual Centennial staff with the most activity logged by November 18th will win either a fit bit or a massage gift certificate. The school with the most activity logged through October could win up to $2000!!! Join today!

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Free wellness classes available across Centennial

Weight Watchers is Enrolling for Fall!

Weight Watchers is a FREE resource offered through OEBB! The first work session starts on September 25th. We will meet from 6:30-7 am at CHS through the school year. This is a FREE program (worth $150!) we are able to use through OEBB both Kaiser and Moda plans. You can attend the CHS meeting or ANY Weight Watchers meeting that works best for you!

To register:

Call 1-866-531-8170

Our start date is September 25, 2015

Location name Centennial H.S.
Location # 26985
Zip code for the school 97030

Have your insurance card ready!

WOW classes and resources schedule printable fall newsletter

Healthy Team Healthy U

Join Healthy Team Healthy U for a free program that address our at work wellness, physical health, mental and emotional, and our personal habits. Create an at-work team or follow the program on your own!

Would you like more information on how to use the program? Join us on October 14th at 4 pm for a free training on how to use the program. We will meet at CMS in the library and will have snacks and resources available or you. RSVP to Julie Mack so we can ensure we have enough workbooks and snacks!

Meet the Centennial Employee Wellness Committee!

Your Building Representatives and Meeting Schedule

Meeting Schedule:

September 16 @ BC 3:45-5:45

October 14 @ CMS 3:45-5:45

November 18 @ PL 3:45- 5:45

January 13 @ TBD 3:45 -5:45

March 9 @ TBD 3:45-5:45

May 11 @TBD 3:45-5:45

*All meetings are on Wednesdays with snacks and treats provided at each meeting!

Are you interested in being a part of the Committee? Contact Julie Mack and we will see you at the meeting!

Centennial Transition Center Cindy LaRue

Centennial Park School Liz Koetje

Centennial High School (Reps needed!)

Centennial Middle School Kathy Drozd & Vicki Nelson

District Office Athena Franklin, Paul Coakley & Rick Larson

Dining Services (Reps needed!)

ITC (Reps needed!)

Maintenance Dept. (Reps needed!)

Transportation Dept. Charlie McAlister

Butler Creek Casey Anderson, Wendy Hoppe & Debbie Olson

Parklane Sue Rohm

Oliver Lisa Cadigan

Meadows Meribel Dewey

View Diane Cervi, Kim West & Sammy Mortimer

Wood (rep needed)

Pleasant Valley (Reps needed!)

Facilitator: Julie Mack, District Wellness Coordinator

If you would like more information, please contact

Employee Wellness Committee

Being a part of the WOW Committee means that you are invested in supporting all of our hard working staff, committed to creating a sharing wellness resources, and are representing wellness across the district!

Interested in more opportunities to support Centennial? Join a committee! Wellness Committee for students, WOW for staff, and CRCT for our green schools.

A Wellness Shout Out!

Chris Dresel is one of our many ITC masters, but did you know he is also a master gardener?! Chris has turned his yard into a mini farm growing gorgeous peppers, tomatoes, squash, herbs and more!

"I try to follow a strict method of Probiotic Gardening, it's like Organic farming on super steroids, as it rebuilds the soil after the damage of synthetic nutrients from commercial products have caused too much damage for the soil to be usable. - and"

Ask him for tips on how to grow potatoes in a small space!

Healthy Futures Program!

Healthy Futures is a program designed to encourage OEBB members to learn their individual health risks and how to take action to reduce or eliminate risks whenever possible.

OEBB Fitness Rewards

Get paid to go to the gym! Join the Fitness Rewards program and earn up to $15 every month for going to the gym 2 times per week. Sign up and see you at the gym.

Video resources helping us to understand the impacts of stress and trauma on ourselves and as care-givers