Adaption PBL


Adaption PBL

Have you ever herd of a cheetah body rhino headed,mouse eared animal?Or a flower that is purple and blooms almost right after you plant it?Well on my planet Tundrany it has those things.Tundrany is a cold and windy place with huge mountains and caves!My animal is a chino it is a carnivore that's blood is like lava to keep warmth but he has a hard skin on the inside and fur on the outside.It is also fast like lightning and has sharp hornes to fight off enemies and kill pray.My producer lives on the mountains to get the most sunshine,my plant is a bright purple flower to make sure other animals can see it and eat it. The thing that makes my plant grow so fast Is the stem at the top,it opens up the flower.Deffenetly I would love to have a beautiful flower that everyone can see that grows at the speed of light!This amazing producer has little seeds on it to grow more flowers.The prunelin grows very high like sunflowers.Surly I would think that the fiercest animal in the world would be a chino! The best thing that I think about this animal is when it gets cuts they heal immediately.This animal lives in caves because herbivores live in the caves so chinos eat the herbivores or try to eat the herbivores.My carnivore is really fast,has great hearing and fighting hornes I think this animal is very fierce! I have created a producer and carnivore that can both survive intense cold weather! Would you like a purple fast blooming plant? I bet you would want to see a chino,also known as a rhino headed,mouse eared,cheetah body animal? What would you want?
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- it has a stem at the top to open up the flower.

- it has hair to keep warmth.

- it grows as fast as lightning.

- it lives at the top of the mountains to have the most sunshine.

- it is a bright purple color to make sure other animals can see it and eat it.

- it does not need a regular soil to survive because it is a strong plant.

- it also has very strong petals so they won't fly away.

- it has very long roots to stay in the ground because it is not calm weather in the Tundrany.

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- my animal has rhino horns to kill enimies and get food.

- my animal has long legs to run fast.

- my animal lives near caves to catch food because herbivores live there.

- my animal has lava blood to keep warmth.

- my animal has a rocky skin in the inside and fur on the outside.

- my animal has huge mouse ears to hear very well.

- my animal has a huge tail to whip enimies.

- my animal is tall to scare predators.

Two of my favorite parts of my planet

My favorite things about my planet is that it is always cold and it is hard for other animals to live in.I also like that it has really tall mountains to make the planet big.

The most important conditions for living in Tundrany

I think that to live in Tundrany you would have to get warmth some how like fur our warming blood.

Three things I like about my producer

I love that my plant is fuzzy so it would be really soft to touch, I love that it is a bright purple color and that it grows really fast.

Three things I like about my consumer

I like that it has great hearing,incredibly fast and has sharp fighting hornes.

Why I think someone should choose my animal and producer in a movie

They are different and they have awesome fighting skills and can survive almost anywhere.