Events leading up to the Civil War

By Tricia Lee

The Compromise 1850

30 years after The Missouri Compromise of 1820 the North and the South made another compromise. This compromise was called the The Compromise of 1850. In this compromise gave Texas 10 million dollars to give up any claim to Mexico territory it also made The Fugitive Slave Act and allowed the slaves to work for South but don't allow the slave trade to continue in Washington D.C.

The Fugitives Slave Act

The Fugitive slave act was apart of the Compromise 1850 a law that forced people in the north to report any escaped slave, also went against state rights which the south said they wanted. It didn't just affect African Americans it also affected white people as well, people were forced sometimes against their will to be deputized. Northerners in America were not pleased with this law.

Dred Scott Decision

The Dred Scott decision was a curt case which the slave has filled a lawsuit against his owners. Because of this case the U.S Supreme Court when lead by Chief Justice Roger B. Taney declared all African Americans slave of not aren't or will ever be U.S. citizens. Which made a lot of people angry mostly African Americans and Northerners, adding more fuel to fire which eventually to war.

The Kanas-Nebraska Act

This act established that settlers could vote to decide whether to allow slavery, in the name of popular vote and rule of the people. Stephen A. Douglas hoped that would ease relations between the North and the South, because the South could expand slavery to new territories but the North still had the right to abolish slavery in its states. Instead, opponents denounced the law as a concession to the slave power of the South. The new Republican Party, which was created in opposition to the act, aimed to stop the expansion of slavery and soon emerged as the dominant force throughout the North.

John Brown raid

The John Brown raid better known as the raid at Harper's Ferry was when John Brown and his men attacked Harper's Ferry on October 16, 1859. Harper's Ferry is a U.S. Federal Arsenal
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