What's Going On?


Urbanization is when settlement becomes decreases it's rural characteristics and increases in urban characteristics.

Pros of Urbanization

Urbanization has many benefits and brings many opportunities like..

  • Housing is easier to find
  • Transportation is practically everywhere
  • Power is closer and easy to obtain

Cons of Urbanization

Along with the positives of urbanization comes negatives like..

  • Privacy is slim to none
  • Transportation will be heavy
a. dangerous streets

b. noise all night long

  • Water might be contaminated
  • Sanitation will be harder to contain
  • Fires will spread longer and faster

Is their any urbanization today?

I think urbanization has mostly died down because there is less free land. When we first started to settle in America we took all the land we could from the Indians and we had a continent for a backyard. The more we build, the more dirty the air gets, the more global warming occurs, and more chaos we don't need.