Calling All Dot Dollar Earners!

You have 3 more days to redeem your Dot Dollars

You're Invited!

Three more days to redeem those Dot Dollars! You shopped in December and now it's time for you to be rewarded! I am hosting an ONLINE Stella & Dot Shopping Event just for all of my Dot Dollar recipients! As a bonus, it will also be set up as a Mystery Hostess event - this means at the end of the Dot Dollar redemption period, I will randomly select someone who made a purchase with their Dot Dollars to win the style rewards. The style rewards are currently at $174.42 in hostess credits and 3 items at half off!

Here's How

Follow these easy steps to shop:

1. Go to Mystery Hostess shopping link at: to start shopping and begin adding items to your shopping bag.

2. Remember in order to redeem your Dot Dollars you will need to put $50 of jewlery and/or accessories in your cart for ever $25 Dot Dollars earned.

3. Redeem - At checkout enter your Dot Dollar code sent to you directly from Stella & Dot and watch as your total decreases! I love saving money while getting what I want!

4. Earn - For every $25 you spend (after Dot Dollar redemption) you will earn a place in the drawing for the hostess style rewards!

5. Receive - When you spend $200 (after Dot Dollar redemption, taxes and all that jazz) or more I will send you a $25 Stella & Dot gift card to either gift or keep for yourself.

I will be your Personal Stylist and Shopper. You can contact me at any time with questions at or by phone 509-879-9666.

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