Proactive Students

recovering previous knowledge's strategy

Successful tool to improve class

How do to start a class?

How to choose a creative way to evoke previous knowledge?

Which is the best way to make the students become more independent in their learning process?

What does the teacher do?

  • He is going to introduce the strategy
  • He is a mediator in learning process
  • He is going to evaluate the implementation of the strategy.
  • He has a little intervention during the activity

What does the student do?

Using sticky back name tags put 3 or 4 names that go together on the tag (David, Jon, Tom and Alex). the students are allowed to find their partners by asking yes/no questions. When they find the rest of their group, they have to work on a short review assigment. It can be a list of questions from the previous week's content or a reflection or anything that requires that they work together. The process of finding the rest of the group takes only 5 minutes and get students active and focuse.


If your students achieve to recover previous knowledge, it means your strategy was successful