The Hindenburg

By:Thea Grosse

One of the Reasons the Hindenburg Blew Up

They used hydrogen for their gas. Hydrogen is flammable which could've been the reason that the Hindenburg blew up. I thought they would've used helium just to be more safe than using hydrogen. if they would've used helium they would still be flying up in the air. I doubt that they would catch on fire if they used helium.

The Other Reason on how the Hindenburg Blew Up

Scientist Bain never found the reason why it went down. But I think it went down because they were flying when a storm was going on, and maybe lightning struck the back of it, and it caught on fire. I thought that they would've known to not do that.

A Timeline of the Hindenburg



We are now trying to still figure out what happened to the Hindenburg that day. It is still a mystery we hope to solve by scientists.