Use/Abuse of New Technology

EQ: How does tracking technology affect the greater good?

Background Information

Technology is becoming better and better as life goes on. Such as new drone technology. Technology can be helpful if it used correctly. But sometimes technology can lead to corruption of power and that can lead to abuse of technology. Like in autocratic governments. Some people may think that officials are doing their jobs, but others might think that they are trying to spy on other people.


  • helps solves crimes (California Attacks)
  • protection against terrorism (Isis supporters)
  • people tend to live healthier lives
  • makes people feel safer
  • lowers the amount of stress
  • increases the chance of catching a suspect


  • costs tax payers millions of dollars
  • can cause as many problems as it solves
  • some people don't like the idea of being watched
  • "can generate an overwhelming amount of evidence to sift through."
  • systems can be hacked into
  • technology can be abused

Cases that Technology has Helped Solve

One case is the Boston bombings. Thank to security cameras capturing the faces of the bombers authorities were able to figure who each person was and track the down.
Big image
Big image
In the picture above a drone with a security camera is just one way that technology is advancing. People can use camera drones to capture images from places people can't go, or is too high for humans to reach. Drones can also be used for military purposes such as, special ops mission, or infrared scanning/ night vision air raids.


In conclusion, I believe that technology affects the greater good because, people tend to live healthier lives when they know that crooks are being watched, Technology also reduces stress from people knowing that their safer. As technology enhances less and less people will try to terrorize, because they will know that they are being tracked and watched. Soon there will be more advanced technology that will affect the future in a positive way.


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