Tierra Caliente

The Tropical Lowlands

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The Tierra Caliente is the lowest of the four elevation zones of the Andes, with a climate generally hot and humid, with the average temperature ranging from 75°F to 80°F. People who live in the Tierra Caliente must adapt to a hot year-round climate.


Enjoy some breakfast rice and bananas, farmers plant crops that can do well in the heat, with some of the most common crops being bananas, rice, and sugarcane


People dress in light clothing, so i hope you're into light colors and loose and breezy attire.


Earn money working at banana plantations, as bananas are a common crop in the Tierra Caliente of the Andes Mountains


The population is very low, is it challenging for some to adapt to the year long hot and humid climate. Houses are often constructed of bamboo or wood, with palm-thatch roofs, and some houses have been raised on stilts to provide protection against flooding.