California Drought

Nikki Wieland

What caused the drought?

2013 was the driest calendar year for the state of California. In a Stanford study, California's drought was found to be linked to climate change and greenhouse gases. Other studies show that high pressure systems like the "Ridiculously Resilient Ridge" are diverting storms away from California, also helping to create the concentrations of greenhouse gases responsible for California's climate change.

How long has the drought lasted? How long might it last?

The California Drought has lasted approximately 3 years, having started in 2012. The drought is expected to last AT LEAST another 3 months; however, any future predictions are uncertain as in past records of droughts in California, there is evidence of the area having at one time had 100 years of little to no rain.
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What policies has the California State Government put into place to address the drought issue?

Governor Brown of California has declared a drought state of emergency. Statewide residential water conservation has been placed as of October to 6.7%. The CEntral Coast Regency Water Quality Board has also approved permits that will allow the Cambria Service District to operate an emergency water treatment system designed to increase the community's water supply during the drought. The CDFA has also begun accepting applications for a second round of funding for the State Water Efficiency and Enhancement program authorized by the Emergency Drought Legislation. Finally, Governor Brown has signed the historic Groundwater Legislation to strengthen local management and monitoring of groundwater basins most critical to the State's water needs.
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How has the public responded?

The public has responded to the California drought with various community groups and projects to either educate or help solve the drought problem. The California residents have significantly decreased their water consumption per capita. Many communities have also created restrictions such as directly washing hard surfaces, using drinkable water in a fountain unless the water circulates, watering landscapes that cause runoff, or using a hose without a shutoff nozzle.
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