2016 Golden Globes

By: Allison Nielsen

Who Wore it Better?

Saoirse Ronan and Lily James had very similar dresses, however, i believe Saoirse wore it better. These dresses are both white and have a large drape going along the back of their shoulders. I feel these dresses would both really go with and up-do. Saoirse's hair really complimented the look revealing her shoulders. Lily James looked stunning in the dress, although her hair was very simple and down. I feel this dress looks really good with an up-do.
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Who Wore the Best Dress?

I believe Rachel McAdams wore the best dress. Her dress is very divergent and it really fit her look. She wore a long, strapless, floral dress. The dress revealed her shoulders and her hair went really good with it. She looked absolutely stunning!

Who Wore the Worst Dress?

Heidi Klum definitely wore the worst dress. This dress isn't appealing whatsoever. The feathers aren't doing the job. In my opinion, she looks like a big bird. I think this dress is very unique, however, I don't think it was a good choice to wear to the Golden Globes.

Who had the Best Accessories?

Jennifer Lawrence wore a beautiful necklace for this event. She pulled off this sumptuous necklace going with her dress. I love the detail of this necklace. It is large, and blingy. I think it is very different and completes this look.
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