University of California, Los Angeles

Career Choice | Volunteer Work

****Majors Available: Law, Business, Nurse, Medicine, Engineering, Letters & Science, Theater/Film/Television

  • My career choice: Cardiothoracic Surgeon (Doctor of Medicine Degree) (MD)
  • Available volunteer work: Child life development, liaison for surgical waiting room families, patient escort, information desk, floater volunteer, volunteer at medical clinics, and assist patients in recovery rooms.
  • Volunteer at medical centers, clinics
  • Will help me understand work environment and conditions
  • Get used to dealing with patients

Fees | Other Information

Fees shown are for nonresidents of California

  • Cost for Nonresidents: $56,404 (If staying in dormitory)
*Four year cost: $225,616
  • Cost for Nonresidents: $52,660(If staying in off-campus apartments)
*Four year cost: $210,640
  • Cost for Nonresidents: $47,908 (If staying with relatives)
*Four year cost: $191,636
  • Student-Teacher Ratio: 17:1
  • Current Enrollment: 42,163 Students @ 18.2% Acceptance rate


  • Los Angeles, California
  • University setting: Urban area
  • Located near wealthy neighborhoods: Beverly Hills, Bel Air
  • Flat area; minor hills; some mountains; trees are abundant everywhere
  • Average temperature @ high: 70°F
*Weather variety: Rainfall during winter, snowfall is not abundant, sunny weather almost everyday


  • Student loan
*U.S. Department of Education Direct Loan Program
  • Parent help
  • Scholarship opportunities (Academic/Athletic)
  • Complete a FAFSA form (Student aid)
*Complete FAFSA form before graduating senior year (Deadline by Midnight June 30, 2015 & Years Counting on.
  • GPA @ Average 3.70 to get accepted w/ High SAT score

Post High School Goals

  • Do a MBA & Doctor Of Medicine degree
  • AP Classes
  • AP Chemistry/Physics in High School @ College Credit
  • College Courses
  • Maintain a high GPA (3.70 & Above)
  • Junior Year in HS: Take SAT - Achieve high score (Above 1900 Composite Score)
  • ACT Exam: Score of 30 & Above
  • Apply for scholarships (Josephine County Educational Fund Grants Pass)