By Margaret Peterson Haddix


It all took place when Jonah was falling, tumbling over and over, down and down, through nothingness and absence and void.And the rest of his friends came to help back up safe and sound.

Main character/Other Characters

The main character in this story is Jonah and it tells nothing on what he is like or what he looks like, but him and his friends go on a lot of mission and adventurers,in this part where you see them get sent to this huge castle where they have no idea on whats happening then JB, Chip, Katherine heard about what happened to jonah and they rushed over there.

Which characters did you like/dislike?

Is JB cause he Mainly does all the work and all of the research in there adventures when they have trouble of getting out, and he would always find a way out if he was traped with a friend.

What happened in the beginning/middle

It was a rough landing. Lights streamed past jonah's face an unbearble glare. Some force that had to be more than just gravity tugged

on him, threatening to pull him apart from chip and Katherine.

What happened at the end of the story

Jonah, Katherine, Chip, and Alex we're playing basket ball in Skidmores' driveway. A week had passed since the so-called adoption conference, and they were proud that they'd manage to convince their parents to let their new friend Alex.