Game Commission

game warden, west virginia universitie

Game Warden

game wardens are in every state across america they are there to protect and preserve the animals and fish that we hunt and fish for. they stop poachers from killing illegally as well as manage the animals to make sure that the population i not to high and not to low.

what does a game warden do on a daily basis?

on a daily basis a game warden does a variety of different things like patroling ove rthe whole state on the backroads and trails walking, flying, riding atvs, and patrolling in a truck. they also revisit past offenders and make sure they are still on a good track and doing anything wrong.

guaranteed to be the best job you ever have.

what kind of schooling do you need for this career?

- Environmental managemant

- Environmental science

- Police science

- law enforcement

- Criminal justice

- Crime scene investigation

i would like to attend the university of West Virginia after high school. I want to becuase its a good college ad its still close to home and i like west virginia. i really want to go into this career becuase i love to hunt and fish and i love to be outdoors so what better job than protecting the things i love to do and being surrounded by the environment i love.