8TH Grade

My life now, before high school next year!

Valentine Dance

The Valentine's Dance was one of the very first events I attended to when I first came to my middle school (Shattuck Middle School) in 7th grade. It was very fun. I went with all of my close friends. There wasn't really a lot of couples in Shattuck, so it wasn't big deal to go with a boy. I went again this year (I am in 8th grade) and I went with all my close friends again. There were a lot more couples dancing together this year, but I still think it was more fun with all my close friends, than it would have been with 1 boy.

Track N Field

This year I did track N field. It was my first year so I wasn't the greatest runner at first, but I was not the worst. I have to admit, I was not very good at first. I couldn't breathe right, I wasn't very strong, and I couldn't run for a long distance without walking, but now, I can breathe good when I run, I got stronger and more flexible, and I can now run long distance. I improved so much, and I am very proud of myself! Sadly, the track season is almost done (It ends around May 7th) but I now can't wait to try cross country in high school next year! I plan on doing cross country and track for almost, if not all of high school. I am going to practice a lot this summer so I will be ready for the Cross Country season!

Shattuck Middle School

Cupcake Wars

In 2nd quarter I remember when I was in my Family Science class and for our last project we did cupcake wars. We had to get into a group of 3-4 and pick out a cupcake recipe online that we would like to do for our cupcake wars. My group and I chose to do Peep Easter Surprise cupcakes. It's where you do a confetti or vanilla cake mix and you add a little chocolate egg in the middle of each cupcake. Last but not least, you frost the cupcakes and put a peep on top. After we picked out the recipe we had to write down the ingredients for our teacher, so she could buy them at the store. Then we made them! It was funny but messy and our cupcakes weren't perfect, but they were very tasty! We got 0 votes for decoration but we got 4 votes for taste! Overall, it was a very fun way to end the family science class.
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Web 2.0

Favorite thing in Web 2.0

This year I joined a technology class called Web 2.0. It's mainly were you learn different things on the internet and of technology. One thing I really liked doing in this class (and this might sound geeky) was computer coding. We did it off http://www.codecademy.com/ I started off with HTML, but then I finished it and it told me to start Java Script so I did. I am still doing Java Script, but I don't have a lot of time to code with school, homework, and track. So, I haven't done it in about a week or 2. If you are interested and would like to try it (It's geeky by the way, but I am a geek so whatever) Copy this link and try it today!


Ready for next year!

Middle school was quite drama filled but also pretty fun. But I do hope high school will be better next year. I am ready to be a freshman and I can't wait to leave this place.

Six Flags

One thing that made my 8th grade year a blast was going to Six Flags with my mom, stepdad, and little sister (She's in 6th grade) I have another little sister, who was 2 but my grandparents babysat her while we went. Six Flags had a good impact on me because, well it was fun and I felt like I got closer to my stepdad. I felt this way, because he was all fun and happy, and we could do more things together since we didn't have a baby around. I remember we went on the new roller coaster called Goliath. My stepdad and I were the only ones that wanted to go on since it was new and looked pretty freaky. My stepdad and I waited 2 hours for a one 30- one minute ride, but it was worth it! I remember also my family and I were planning on leaving at 3PM (We came once it opened) so my stepdad and I went on The Raging Bull one more time and my mom and sister were gonna go on the swings. Well, when we got off Raging Bull we couldn't find my sister nor my mom and we left our phones in the car. So, my stepdad and I went on The Demon about 5-10 times, because the line was short for it. We finally found my mom and sister who were looking for us too. We all didn't wanna leave once we found each other, so we just left at the closing time. We got home at 1 AM. We all passed out and fell asleep once we got inside. I still have so many more memories of Six Flags, but I also can't wait to make new memories this summer at Six Flags with my sister, my sister's best friend, and my stepdad.
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