Widget Wednesdays!

By Mrs. Cardia Instructional Technology Coach-River Edge, NJ

June Widgets

Force a Copy in Google Docs

Susan M. thinks it is amazing, who will think next weeks is?

May Widgets

Moderate Padlet Posts

  • Are the little kids DISTRACTED as they try to post to the padlet wall? Make sure you click the box that says "moderate posts".
  • You can click approve when it is ready (see below) THEN ONLY the approved posts will pop up.

Nancy Watkins and Kristen Karam think it's amazing, who will think next week's is? Thank you ladies! Danielle Rigg will love this too:)
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  • https://kaizena.com/ is a website and Chrome App that allows you to provide feedback through voice comments and have shared conversations with whoever joins the group.
  • This program recognizes Google Classroom rosters so no student uploading necessary, it does it for you!

  • -Watch this five minute tutorial! https://youtu.be/i1Xdhm_l8ng

  • You most likely received a notification from me inviting you to Kaizena. If it sounds like something you have been looking for, sign up with one click of a Google button.
  • Give it a whirl, feel free to invite me to experiment.

  • I think Rothschild will think it's amazing, who will think next week's is?
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April Widgets

Google Story Builder

Google Story Builder can be used by students to create their own stories.

These stories are limited to only 10 characters and 10 exchanges to which can be added different sound effects.

There are four steps you need to follow to create your story :

1- Add characters to your Story Builder

2-Write your Story

3- Give the title and add sound track

  • 4- Share your story with others

  • Check out this story of our very own Roosevelt teacher:
  • http://goo.gl/GMPxwV Beth Unanue will think its amazing, who will think next weeks is!

March Widgets

Padlet generates QR Code

Did you know that the amazing Padlets you have created, automatically generates a QR code for you? (paste them onto your tri-fold board if you wish)

If you are interested in showcasing these projects to your parents via QR, watch this 31 seconds youtube on how to do it!


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Weo is a place to create and discover activities for your classroom that can be assigned to your students with a simple click.

Looking for a platform where you can make your own quizzes, activities and tests? Looking to have assignments that can be self graded? Feeling tired and just want to browse the gallery of pre-made assessments?

Then sign up for a WEO account today!!!

New Link ----WEO-Free for teachers forever! Ask Kayla Moran, she's enjoying it!

Oh-we-0,ooooo....(had to to do it)

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GRAPHIC DESIGN! Pixlr and Flaming Text Logo

MAGAZINE COVERS in honor of the Westward Expansion!
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Hyperlinks in Google Classroom

  • Use Google Classroom to:
  • A. Practice parcc skills or any skill that links to curriculum topics of study
  • B. MANAGE, MONITOR, REVISE, COMMUNICATE FEEDBACK your student's Google docs, forms, and slides projects by having them
  • PASTE THE LINK of the document right into the COMMENTS section of the ASSIGNMENT.
  • C. Promote responsible behavior-holding kids ACCOUNTABLE by having them "MARK AS DONE".

  • (Ask Kara F., she thinks its amazing, who will think next weeks is?)

#Discovery Ed, #LiveStream of "Going Places"

  • I'm so glad some classes got a chance to view the LIVE streaming video from #DiscoveryEd of the reading Going Places by Peter and Paul Reynolds!
  • If you missed it, NO WORRIES! I screen-recorded a piece just for you.
  • Try this activity with your students. Inspires creativity! Feel free to throw this link into your Google Classroom. Please share if you get a chance!
  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2vvcNmyTH9Hcm9maVRyc2xZVWs/view

(Lauren, Donna, Nevin, and Holly think it's amazing, who will think next week's is?)

February Widgets

Flaming Text

Have your students add some "pizazz" to their presentations at http://www4.flamingtext.com/

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Workflow is like this!

  • Tech coach/teacher collaboration on the app
  • Teacher pushes the assignment to her Google classroom
  • Kids access a digital environment to share their ideologies
  • ELA and collaboration in full effect!

Lucid Charts!

  • Lucid charts are amazing for graphic organizing and story diagramming. Victor and I upgraded the account so let's put it to use!
  • There are pre-made templates, or students create their own. Teachers too! (Ms. Burke and Ms. Christine Moran think it's amazing)
  • Venn diagrams, T-charts, KWL, saves right to Google drive

  • Go to:
  • a. Google Drive
  • b. Click New
  • c. More
  • d. Lucid Charts
  • Here is a sample about our tech department: Try clicking this link so it opens in your account and you can begin exploring:)
  • https://www.lucidchart.com/invitations/accept/adfc88ce-31d9-4a5d-98be-266662657be5

GOOGLE MAPS! Have your students explore the WORLD!

Have your students EXPLORE the WORLD!

---Have students trace expeditions of explorers

---Label continents

----Literature trips--trace a characters journey

---Talk time


https://www.google.com/maps/@40.07304,-74.724323,8z?hl=en (click the little person bottom right corner)

https://geoguessr.com/ (website)

http://www.scribblemaps.com/ (website)


TRY Kahoot with your students! Find pre-made "Public Kahoots" on their website or create your own: QUIZ, DISCUSSION, OR SURVEY.

Kids join with a code. The link below is to a "parcc tools practice" Kahoot quiz.

Make one at: https://getkahoot.com/

  • Join at: kahoot.it Try it! Join with code 381462

Or preview here:


December Widgets!

Google Sheets! Pixel Art

Speaking of "pixels" (#HourofCode), our students can CREATE their own PIXEL ART drawings right in Google Sheets. (Thank you Alice Keeler!)

I'm thinking, kids read a story and pick an important piece of the story and practice drawing it! (say a student is reading Harry Potter, they re-create a Quidditch broom).

Here is the tutorial. http://www.alicekeeler.com/teachertech/2015/05/24/google-sheets-create-pixel-art/

OR for Math, create a word problem, like "About what fraction of the man is green?"

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Hour of Code! Dec. 7-13

  • All grades will be participating in the Hour of Code this week. The students will have an opportunity in library to participate with the librarians, Mrs. Fox and Mrs. DelPriore, as well as time with Sharon Cardia. Grades 4-6, work on chromebooks. Grades k-3, I will be using a mix of laptops and ipads.
  • The following link will give you some insight into this global movement:



The students are excited! Let the Hour of Code week begin!!!

Minecraft - Hour of Code: Intro

December Widget-ONETAB App

Need to organize and manage your TABS in your Chrome browser? Do you have one million tabs open and want to condense or even hide your pages?

  • 1. Click your APPS

2. Go to WEB STORE and Download "ONETAB" extension (condenses your tabs into 1) and "TABCLOUD" allows you to save any window session and restore it at a later date or on another computer.

3. They will load into the top right corner of your Chrome browser

4. Try "ONE tab" when you have 1,oooo tabs open and see what happens!

Try "TABCLOUD" to organize your tabs.

The cloud picture is TABCLOUD and the FILTER OR FUNNEL picture is ONETAB

December Widgets-Resource Teachers-Use PREZI as a supplemental presentation!

Looking for "resource" materials? Who better than your very own "resource teachers" to provide you with supplementals.

Their advice---a Prezi Presentation (similiar to Google Slides but much more interactive and fun, just like our "resource" teachers!)

a. An ElfYourself Video Message from the Roosevelt Resource Teachers

b https://prezi.com/g_vdriedykbt/coordinate-grid/ See Prezi example on Coordinates and Planes here. Throw this Prezi into your Google Classroom, let the kids see if they can complete on their own!

November Widget-Math Teachers-GMATH Addon!

This Widget Wednesday is for Math teachers!

Install the "Gmath" Add-On to your Google form/Google doc. Students can create and answer with a "hand-written" entry.

Good for Parcc practice!?

Check out this 10 second screencast showing you!


Ask my P.L.A.Y "Chromeys" who took my PD (Nevin, Beth, Scott, Kate, Maria, Emma, June,

November Widgets--Art Teachers and Special Needs Students

I have 2 I'd like to share this week:

[ https://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/home ]Google Cultural Institute is helping to create custom educational content for Google Expeditions. We had the luxury of having Expeditions come to Roosevelt the other day and it was a great experience. Pick an exhibit from a museum and have your students respond to it!

[ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1n4BWpDIDtjdWT5-vdVF0w5wsR6CitJxQeCnjlsFQl9s/edit?usp=sharing ]Google Tools for Special Needs

Nichol, and Whitney). They think Add-on are amazing! Who will think next week's is??

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October Widget Wednesday-Smore Newsletter for Everyone

Looking to connect with your parents via an easy online/digital Newsletter? Or use it as a classroom tool with your students? Maybe enrichment activities for those who need challenge activities?Try a Newsletter! It's free!


https://www.smore.com/qu7bw ---Leah Taylor's Newsletter

https://www.smore.com/5vjm9 --My River "Edge" of Technology Smore Newsletter

https://www.smore.com/59r3q---My Widget Wednesday Smore Newsletter-(you can subscribe to it) just like parents would. They do the "dirty work" and add their email/name to your mailing list, just provide them the link to your newsletter.

https://www.smore.com/5dyzq ---Sue Boucher's Newsletter

Check them out! Who will think next week's is amazing?

September Widget-Common Curriculum Lesson Plan Printing to Align your Lessons!

Are you using the "Week View" in CC lesson planner like Whitney C, Nichol D, and Alyson H. and interested in printing/saving the .PDF in a nice organized matter?
Try clicking the Print button in your CC planbook for a view that is more aligned. They think it's amazing!

1. Click Print or Download to line up your classes for better viewing in your CC Planbook.
2. Pick your poison (it's an expression)
3. Print it out, or save the download view into your Google drive this way, nice and aligned!

September Widget-Apple laptop shortcuts!

Enjoying your new laptops? Use your "F3" key to see all of the windows you have opened!! Try it! Ask Sue Boucher:) It's amazing!

Big image
Big image


Need some MULTIMEDIA in your student's life? Check out WeVideo in the Chrome Web Store (free).

Ms. Christine Moran thinks its amazing! https://drive.google.com/a/riveredgeschools.org/file/d/0B2vvcNmyTH9Hc1dYOW14NkhjM0E/view?usp=sharing ]Check out her class project using WeVideo (don't forget to click that play button!)

Add this extension to your Chrome browser "Share to Google Classroom"

Hold on, did you just find something interesting to share with your students as you "surfed the net"? Make your life easier and add this extension to your Chrome browser! Now, you will be able to with one click of a button, share it directly to your Google Classroom without even being in there!

It will take 2 minutes of your time! Ask Rebecca Delpriore, she thinks it's amazing! Who will think it's amazing next week? Stay tuned!


1. Click your APPS as you are signed into Chrome

2. Click the Chrome Web store

3. Click the Share to Google Classroom Extension

4. Watch the extension load in the top right corner

5. Surf the net, find something you want to share with your students, click that button and Voila! It's in your Google Classroom!

Welcome Back! Let's start WIDGET WEDNESDAYS!

This year, I'm starting a random "Widget" Wednesday to offer tech tips!

(delivered via email, lunch, or after school and the tips will be archived in the Teacher Technology Playbook)

Today's Widget Wednesday tip is brought to you via email:) obviously.

***When planning technology integration into your lesson plans, keep the SAMR MODEL (substitution, augmentation, modification, redefinition) in mind! We want to reach re-definition!

[ https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1E3Ua_5-pFqkH7H_4N7oDWT8Djvn7OeL8qjB93d9SXek/edit?usp=sharing ]SAMR MODEL-click to see the right way tech is used!