From the Facilitator's Desk

Important Information and Updates

Kudos to You!

Our first annual Math Curriculum Night was a success! Thank you to the curriculum committee for all of your hard work in organizing the night (Lavergne, Railton, Cassam, Johnson, Smith, and Peterson). You worked hard, everyone pulled their weight, and everyone was positive with great ideas and talents to share! Teachers, you worked extremely hard on your presentations and handouts. As I walked into classrooms, families were engaged and you were teaching your heart out! I was very impressed at how teachers were able to stand confidently and answer parent questions/concerns as it pertained to common core expectations. Thank you to the support staff for your help (Klimt, McKoy, Spina, Potts, Arata, Yem, Palacio). You made sure the night was organized and ran smoothly logistically. Thank you to Ms. Sims and Ms. Wilson for their support and hard work in making sure that things ran smoothly as well. The feedback about the night was awesome! Words can not express my gratitude and appreciation for all that you do each and everyday!

The Incredible Power Of Appreciation

TRC and BAS Reading Leveling Benchmarking

I hope that you are moving swiftly through your testing!

From this point moving forward, please make sure that you write down students oral responses for the oral section of the assessment. This will help with instruction (identifying strengths and weakness) as well as clarify any concerns about grading.

Attention 4th and 5th grade teachers: Please email me the names of your students that I will have to assess.

Close Reading-Student Work

Have you tried close reading in your classroom this year yet? If not, please dibble and dabble with it so that we can start to determine what areas we need to focus on to make it better. It is going to be a work in progress. As students work on close reading strategies, please post student work on your walls in the classroom. A focus for 2016 is going to be making sure that we post more student work in our classrooms. As walk-throughs are being conducted, student work will be a focus. Student work in general of course, but close reading should be evident in the classroom as well. Even in Math, students can use close reading strategies as they underline questions or key information, circle numbers, write comments in the margins to help them understand the word problem, as well as show their work. Through the messy and sloppiness of the close reading attempts, we appreciate and acknowledge your efforts! :-)

Tier I and II Plans

We will update Tier I plans and discuss whats next for Tier II plans during planning/data planning next week. Please come prepared to discuss student's progress.