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favorite app

Stack the States is my favorite app because you can earn as many states as you can.There’s more then one map. There’s over 100 maps. First, when you start the game, there’s a question mark at the bottom. Then take out the other capitals & nicknames, border states, landmarks, cities and the flags. Leave alone abbreviations and state shapes. There’s bonus game like Map It and Pile Up Puzzler and Capitol Drop. Like me, I have 73 states.

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autobiography of your life

Angel attended Norfolk Public High School. Angel participated in football. His job was being the new owner of Spongebob, so he can keep with the new episodes. He did not go to college, because he had a dream. His first job was detasseling corn. He planned after he's done with detasseling then he will continue with being the owner of Spongebob. Angel looked tall and skinny and healthy. He has three children and living In Nebraska. He will be living in Nebraska because it's his hometown and he grew up in it. Then he became a teacher to help kids develop their brains and become professional athletes too. Angel likes to run sometimes. He plans to teach the people who don't recycle, to recycle, so the Earth is cleaner.

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movie review

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

This movie was made on November 18, 2005. The goblet of fire tournament begins and they bring to the school some of the strongest warriors. Stanislav Lanevski is one of the competitors in the goblet of fire and he is one of the top 10 best broom fighters. Robert Pattinson is the best student in his school. Bonnie Wright is also one of the fighters in the Goblet of Fire. Now the dude that invaded the camp is acutely the dude that put Harry Potter’s name in the Goblet of Fire . Harry got in trouble because only 17 or older could enter . Harry did not put his name, in the old guy put it in on purpose. The are three tasks. The first task was having to face a dangerous dragon and the fighter is supposed to get the golden egg. The second task is the competitors are supposed to get one person under water, but Harry got three. The last task was a maze. The maze has monsters inside and who ever gets the trophy wins the goblet of fire. Harry won, but one of the fighters sacrifice his life.

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feature stroy

title: Coffee

There are millions of coffee cups being made around the world. Coffee beans need be be kept at a very high temperature. It takes at least one hour for a coffee plant to come to the surface. To make coffee you will have to wait 18 to 23 minutes to drink your coffee. Coffee is still big in Brazil. All over the world, there are billions of pounds of coffee being made. Also, coffee is made with evergreen leaves. Berries and evergreen leaves are mixed to make the flavor. I learn that coffee used to be used as food. Also, I learned that there was a thing called the coffee leaf. Seventy percent of coffee goes to Hawaii and Brazil. The coffee plant grows very high, and when its done growing, you can pick out the coffee bean then you have coffee
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nursery rhyme

Jack be Nimble

Jack be Nimble

Jack, be nimble,

Jack, be quick,

Jack, jump over

the candlestick. Jack jumped high

Jack jumped low

Jack jumped over

and burned his toe.
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