Serogroup b Meningococcus

Emily Baker


A bacterium that causes meningitis that is popping up in dorm rooms.


-severe headache -fever -stiff neck -vomiting -seizures

-confusion -sluggishness -rash -eye sensitivity

First described by Gaspard Vieusseux in Switzerland (1805)

Anton Weichselbaum proved Neisseria meningitidis causes meningitis.



-avoid close contact (kissing, sharing drinks, etc.)


Antibiotics, fluids, and oxygen therapy

Person to Person

Spread through close contact


-Bacterial and virus forms of this disease exist.

-Emerging in dorm rooms.

-Original virus only vaccinated against certain serogroups of the virus. However, the form that recently infested dorm rooms was the serogroup b, one form of the virus that was not protected by the vaccine.

Colleges Infected


-Ohio University