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Mill Creek's MAP testing window is set.

Every school year from grade 3 to grade 8 students will participate in state-wide testing called the MAP test. This year our students will be testing within the weeks of April 14 - May 15.

Your student will test within this window in the following areas:

5th Grade: Science, Math and ELA (English Language Arts)

6th Grade: Math and ELA

We are in the midst of putting together our teacher testing schedule and look forward to showing how hard our students work at Mill Creek!!

PTO Meeting Time Changed

To accommodate more parents' schedules, the PTO executive board has decided to move the PTO meeting start time to 7:00pm for the February 11th meeting. We encourage your participation as our PTO begins to make plans for 'HangOut' night and the '6th Grade Bash'. Thank you for supporting Mill Creek PTO!

Dates to Remember

February 11th - PTO Meeting @ 7:00PM

February 14th - No School (Professional Development)

February 17th - No School (President's Day)

February 28th - Spring Pictures

February 28th, March 3rd or March 5th - 6th Grade Classes Visit BMS

March 6th - Mill Creek's Career Day

March 6th - Hangout Night

March 9th - 13th - Mill Creek's Spring Book Fair

March 10th - End of 3rd Quarter

March 16th - 20th - No School (Spring Break)

March 23rd - No School (Professional Development)

Mill Creek's 20th Anniversary

Thank you to all of Mill Creek's former students, teachers and administrators! We are so lucky to get to come to school everyday and not have to go to 'work'!

Everyday is a GREAT day to be a PIRATE!!


WATCH THIS EVERYDAY AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE - Denzel Washington Motivational Speech 2020

We are ECSTATIC to have your PIRATES!

Mill Creek's Mission Statement:

The mission of Mill Creek Upper Elementary, the team of champions poised for greatness with unwavering dedication, is to ensure students thrive as leaders of their own learning and happiness who pursue their passions, persevere through struggle, embrace uniqueness and diversity, and advocate for self and others through a positive school culture distinguished by high expectations and a collaborative partnership with staff, students, parents, and community members.