My Story

By: Jackson Childress

About me

I am 16. I am the class 2017. I have two sisters, and one brother. My sisters are named Jana, and Jenny. My brother's name is Jeremy. My brother and sisters all have children of their own, and they are much older.

My live with my father, and him and I hang out everyday, and do anything we can together. My dad and I watch Netflix, play video games, and go do stuff outside!

i love music, video games, and reading. When I am not doing anything important you will find me doing those certain things.

Daily Activities

When I go to school, i take 4 classes everyday.

Web Design (My personal Logo Above)

Spanish 2


And English 2 with you all!

When I get home, I usually do Homework, then read, or talk to friends, once dad gets home I usually hang out with him.


Frequently Asked Questions

How old are you?

What do you like to do?

"whats up?"

Can I touch your beard...


I'm 16.

I like Hanging out with friends

"the sky."