By: Lori, Katerin


A large ,destructive fire that spreads quickly over woodland or brush.

1. What are the 2 main issues with your topic ?

1.smoke from wildfires is a mixture of gasses and fire particles from burning trees and other plant materials .

2.smoke can hurt your eyes ,irritate your respiratory system and worsen chronic hear and lung diseases.

2. The negative effects on the environment?

The negative impacts of biological invasion are economically and ecologically significant and, white incompletely quantified they are clearly substantial.

3. What are the main regions or areas in or nearest to north america affected by your issue?

forest, trees, plants

4. what wildlife is most affected by your issue?

Tigers, birds,frogs, wolfs, lizards, amphibians and more animals in wild life

5. How are the wildlife affected by this issue?

The wildlife is affected by taking their home away

6. Does this issue affect our lives in League City ? If not could it reach our area?

No it does not affect our area and yes because we have trees

7. Are people affected by this? If so, explain why?

Yes because it could burn down houses, people, and animals

8.Who or what causes the to occur?

By camping in the forest and by firework also the temperature.

9. What are the solutions that people have come up for this issue? .

The fire department uses water and sometimes gases

10. Can your group come up with any ideas for a new solutions of this problem?

To not let the little kids use fire and not to camp in the woods.