Michelle Blevins

417.385.7809 ~ 2606 Ohio Ave. ~ mblevins927@gmail.com

It is my goal to inspire children to dream, create, and push themselves to their fullest potential.

Dear Art Feeds team,

I am very interested in joining the team of creative experts in your company. I believe I exemplify many qualities that would make me a perfect fit for the Visuals Intern this summer, and would be a valuable asses to work with.

I am currently finishing up my third year of teaching in an elementary classroom, and I love it! This year I have been blessed to teach third grade at Soaring Heights. The eight and nine year olds I have been working with have taught me so much about going for what you really want and finding your own interests that make you happy. My two previous years were spent at Carthage Middle School teaching fifth grade math, science, and social studies. Those big kids made it especially clear that there are many ways to get one project finished, and not one of them has to be wrong.

While in the classroom, all of my students, co-workers, and administration have come to expect hands-on activities with a craft approach or with technology. I am constantly looking for new ways to inspire students and other teachers to continue to love learning, and I have found the use of technology is the way to go! If we can use computers and technology to demonstrate and show off our skills, we are having a great day.

I am very excited to learn more and showcase the amazing things Art Feeds has going on!

Thank you :)


Allison Rogers

Teacher & Photographer

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Chris Mitchell

Counselor & Assistant Principal

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Courtney Dinwiddie

Teacher & Artist

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