Christmas in Australia

by abbigail richards

Foods People Eat at Christmas in Australia

They eat seafood such as prawns and lobster with English foods. They eat roast turkey, steamed pudding, glazed ham, cold chicken, duck, cold deli meat, pasta, pavlovas, salad galore, fruit salad, ice cream, mince pies, fruit cake, shortbread, chocolates, plum pudding, Anzac biscuits (cookies), pork, and barbecue.

Symbol of Santa in Australia

They have a swag man who takes Santa's place down under. Santa changes reindeer for 6 kangaroos to let the reindeer rest. Santa leaves presents under the tree and kids mail him cards . Santa changes his clothes into less hot ones. Santa eats beer, cookies, and milk

Other Symbols/Decorations that Represent Christmas in Australia

They decorate with lights and trees. They also have a ‘’Christmas bush’’ with green leaves and cream colored flowers.

They also have stockings, Christmas bells, Christmas orchid, and Christmas trees.

Traditions in Australia

They eat all together. Normally the main meal is eaten at lunch time. They exchanging gifts. They have Christmas crackers that are not food. They are little gifts that pop open when you crack them. Some people put a coin in there pudding and whoever gets it, has luck.

Length of Christmas in Australia

The Australians celebrate Christmas for 1 or 2 days

Why They Celebrate Christmas

They celebrate Christmas because, of Jesus’s birth

Christmas Music

They carol and sing by candle light

Snow at Christmas Time

They do not have snow because it is summer time and it can get to 100 degrees. They also have electrical storms, floods, hailstorms, cyclones, and bushfires but most of the time they are blessed with 80% blue skies.In Australia temperatures are ranging to 25-38 degress centigrade.

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Merry Christmas in Australia

Merry Christmas.

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