Cultural Justification- Imperialism

Kate, Lauren, Tawfeeq, Anu, Joshua, Sritej

-spiritual motives helped foster imperialistic views

-missionaries flocked to africa and asia in search of christian converts

-strong spiritual justification of imperialism but missionaries still fought imperialism

-missionaries facilitated communications between imperialists and subjects people

and sometimes provided european officials with information they needed to maintain control over seas

-missionary settlements also served as convenient meeting places for europeans overseas and as a distribution centers for european manufactured goods

-while missionaries sought to introduce christianity to subject peoples, others worked to bring them "civilization" in the form of political order and social stability

-French imperialists often invoked "Civilizing missions" as a justification for their expansion into Africa and Asia

-English writer and poet Rudyard Kipling defined the "white man's burden" as the duty of european and euro-american peoples to bring order and enlightenment to distant lands.