DJibouti, Africa

Problems in DJioubti

In Djibouti their, is a big problem their with poverty. And with them being so crowded they have terrible living conditions. And the government only puts little or no effort into helping their economy. So now the government has to figure out a new way to develop their country even better.

History of DJioubti

Djibouti is a country in the horn of Africa, It gained it's independence on June 27, 1977

Facts about Djibouti

Djibouti lies in northeast Africa. It was French territory until 1977, because it gotten its independents. Population:793,000

Capital population: Djibouti; 502,000

Our Website

Our website is about our country Djibouti, and its problems, djibouti history, and some facts about the country.

National anthem & National Holidays

Holidays; Labour day, youm aratat

Anthem; Jabuuti

Living conditions

Most of Djibouti's residents follow by Islamic Laws and have traditional practices. they have many festival all throughout the year. Its very hot sometimes and some houses have no doors or windows so they can air out their homes. And its very people have to live close together making it even hotter. Some people don't even have a true home. They just make a little tent or hut of some sort out of cloth, covers or scrap metal .and call it home as you can see in the image.
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Human characteristics

There language French and arabic

religion; islamic christian

Physical Characteristics

Djibouti has many hills and valleys

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