Molly & Traci are 40!

Get ready to party

Birthday party!

Saturday, Feb. 2nd 2013 at 7-11pm

Co-Motion, 2100 South Broadway in Edmond, 73013

Our signature cocktail, Party Sweat, will be served. Bring whatever else! It's going to be a loud dance party, with a back room for xbox.


This party is at your zumba joint. Are you making us do Zumba? No. We're going to play all kinds of music and have a kick ass dance party. Lots of zumba addicts will be there and they'll definitely be having fun, as usual. If you want to shake it, get on the dance floor. Or hang out in the xbox room. Or just watch and talk about how hot we are and wonder why Pitbull hasn't recruited us for his posse yet. Eat, drink and be cool.

What's the dress code?
Whatever you want. Seriously. Go super casual or dress for the red carpet. Rock your party gear. If you like to wear yoga pants and tshirts, you should do that. Just like we recommend for every day, we suggest glitter, sequins, stuff that lights up, and otherwise looking cool. Or you can wear a halloween costume, a caftan or a muumuu. We like those, too.

What are we drinking? We'll serve a signature drink, but it's not really for drinking all night ;). But we'll also have ice chests so bring whatever you want to drink.

Where'd you get that cool invitation designed? He's a first class ticket to amazing.

Is this for kids? No. It'll be for grown ups only. If it's kid-friendly, you people have failed miserably and I'm not sure if we should still be friends.

Choose which hot lady: <Traci's> <Molly's> mom is so great! Of course she'll be there since it's yall's 40th so I can talk with her and have such a great time, right? No. Security has her photo on file and she will not be allowed on the premises. This isn't a party for grown ups.

What do you want for your birthday? Gaw, no way are you bringing presents. Just come and laugh and dance and have fun with us.

Is this a sex party? No. I mean, it's a free country and all. But you know. This is definitely not a sex party, Dan.

Can we put in requests for specific songs or dance numbers? Yes. You can make requests. Then we pledge allegiance to the DJ.

Have you verified electrical supply and ascertained your ampage requirements? Will this party be in compliance with city and state electrical codes? My brother in law is an electrician. You have to chill out.

Will anyone be wearing a creepy horse mask? This is allowed only under certain conditions. If it's done with style, and you give it all you've got on the dance floor, mask would be allowed.

Inspirational videos

"MAKE IT SHAKE" - Choreography by Kelly from Co-Motion