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January 10, 2020

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Fin'tastic CES Students Are:

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BUS 304 are SHARK! They earned two or do we see three special guest riders on Monday!

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A Special Invitation: CLICK video for more information!

CES Deep Learning
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CLICK Here to RSVP for CES' Deep Learning Family Night

Choose one student session per child. Event date: January 16th from 6-7pm. Door prizes, presentations, and fun activities for all. Register by January 14th.

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Important Dates:

January 15:

  • Early Release Wednesday (student dismissal 1:35pm)

January 16:

  • SAVE the date for our first "Family Night of Deep Learning!" Bring the children, bring your creativity and be willing to collaborate, communicate and have some learning fun! 6-7pm, CES gymnasium. CLICK HERE TO RSVP!

January 20:

  • No school-Martin Luther King Day

January 23:

  • MRSD School Committee (MRHS media center; 6:30pm)

January 29:

  • Early Release Wednesday (student dismissal 1:35pm)

January 31:

  • Save the date: CES PTO Movie Night

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CES Appreciates Sgt. Massey-National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day was Jan. 9th

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Chatham Community Playground at Chatham Elementary School Is OPEN!

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Weekly Article: "Ask Me About..."

Each week the grade level teams will publish two to three statements for caregivers to use as conversation starters with their child(ren). Although the Scoop is a great place to see and discuss end-of-learning products, these "ask me about" conversation starters will help promote discussions about current learning. For additional questions to ask your child about school, please visit "Understood's" article:

How to Say It: Better Questions to Ask Your Child About School and keep us updated on how these questions are working!

Ask Me About...From PreK

What are the differences and similarities between the books The Hat and The Mitten?

Who are the animals that are in the book The Hat and The Mitten?

How does the author Jan Brett give us clues throughout the books?

Ask Me About...From Grade K

Ask me to tell you about the Caribean Ecosystem.

Ask me to tell you something I wonder about pirates and pirate life.

Ask me to read these sight words to you: one, two, three, four

Ask Me About...From Grade 1

In the story “How Leopard Got His Spots”, why did Fred Turtle trick Hal Hyena at the end of the story?

Find plane shapes and solid shapes around you. Point and name the shape.

What is one question you have about the country/people of Korea?

Ask Me About About...From Grade 2

Ask me what my goal is for the new year.

Ask me what is special about Helen Keller.

Ask me to describe a tidal flat habitat and name 3 species that live there.

Ask me to tell you about Louis Braille and his life.

Ask me what my "zone" was today.

Ask Me About...From Grade 3

How can you find the area of an irregular shape?

What was something that challenged me this week? What did I do to “push through” that challenge?

What is my favorite thing about our new playground?

Ask Me About...From Grade 4

  • What types of data can you represent on a graph?

  • What are some examples of nouns?

  • When might you use the scientific method?

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Attendance Matters:

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"Kindness Club" kicks off the new year with many acts of "kindness." Here we see them sorting caps, writing birthday wishes, and making puppets for second graders.

"Kindness Club" wishes Mrs. Caswell get well wishes.

Keep Cape Cod Kind! December Acts of Kindness

In the last 17 days, 72 members of the “Kindness Club” completed 300 acts of kindness. Here are just a few examples:

We wrote “Get Well” cards for two students.

We celebrated 11 birthdays.

We wrote Christmas cards for “Carlos.”

We worked on creating a “Wonder Wall.”

We sorted plastic caps for our recycled art mural.

We made “Holiday Shopping” gift cards for next year.

We made “Critical Thinking” and “Character” public service announcements.

We created “Citizenship” public service announcements and stickers for the month of January.

We wrote “Get Well” cards for a caretaker.

We filled 52 food orders.

We wrote letters of gratitude for Mrs. and Dr. Moody for an electric toothbrush.

We mentored kindergarten students in gym and media.

We passed out “Critical Thinking” and “Character” stickers.


we helped out the custodial staff.

Thank you to all for helping to “Keep Cape Cod Kind!!!”

This month’s students with the most “acts of kindness” are:

C. F. Grade 1

B. M. Grade 1

K. W. Grade 2

M. E. Grade 2

R. M. Grade 3

M. C Grade 4

K. D. Grade 4

C. D. Grade 4

J. S. Grade 4

D. B. Grade 4

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SAVE the DATE: January 16th from 6-7pm for our First "Family Deep Learning Night!" Click below for special invite!

CES Deep Learning
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Deep Learning Family Night!

Thursday, Jan. 16th, 6-7pm

147 Depot Road

Chatham, MA

You are cordially invited to our Night of Deep Learning at CES. We will develop a shared understanding of what deep learning is, what it should look like within our classrooms and schools, and how it will benefit CES learners-now and into their futures.

Students are ENCOURAGED to attend with their caregivers as there will be break-out sessions for students to engage in deep learning activities.

Please RSVP for this event by clicking this link and selecting the break out session your child(ren) and you want to attend. Deep Learning Family Night Session Sign UP

Watch this special invitation:

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CES Students Take A Deep Dive Into Learning By Developing our Next "C": Collaboration!

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Kindergarten News:

The highlight of this week has to be that we got to enjoy our new playground for the first time. We had a wonderful time!!!!
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We are beginning to learn about matter. We read a book called Bartholomew and the Oobleck. We made oobleck in the classroom and noticed that it is both a solid and liquid.

We spent the week learning about the Caribbean ecosystem, pirates, pirate ships and finding treasure. We wrote in fact books. We learned about palm trees and coconuts in the ecosystem and got to see a real coconut. We also got to taste the coconut that was inside and taste coconut water.

Both kindergarten classes are taking this information and dramatizing about the life and times of pirates. We are playing pirate-themed learning games, singing pirate songs, and dancing to these songs.
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PreK News:

In the month of January, we will be looking at many of the books by author Jan Brett. We will spend some time on The Mitten by reading different versions of the story. Students will act out the story and paint animals, sequence the animals in the story, and decorate our own mittens. Other wintry stories include The Hat also by Jan Brett. We will be talking about the differences and similarities in these two stories as well as the different animals. We will discuss how we dress as it gets colder. The children will make many kinds of mittens, matching mittens, graph mitten, and answering the question of why we wear mittens. They’ll also be making different kinds of snowmen.

Monday, we turned our dramatic play area into a doctor’s office. We are collecting any items that you think would help us supplement our doctor’s office. Also, Audubon came Monday to talk about animals that are nocturnal.

Please, Please, Please send your child in with proper winter gear. Mittens, hats, and boots are a must when it snows or starts to get cold. Little hands get cold very quickly! In the winter we welcome slippers. Children can change out of their winter boots into cozy slippers. Please LABEL all winter gear.

Science Tuesday! Tuesday was filled with science activities. In science class, we studied mealworms. Each student has a worm of their own and will watch their Metamorphosis. Later, we “relief” painted a mitten. We discussed the same and different as we painted. At the water table, students used droppers to mix colors. The therapy dogs came Tuesday afternoon as well.

Other activities included learning letters’ individual sounds using the program Lively Letters. Thursday was the first day we could use the playground in the afternoon.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Jenn

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First and second graders worked together to build a huge snow fort at recess. This process required problem solving, creative thinking and cooperation. It was so rewarding and fun to see the finished product of their hard work! #collaboration

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Proud to Be A SHARK Event on Wednesday

At our community event on Wednesday, we gave a SHARK shout out to CES' teachers for their deep learning work. Members of the Deep Learning Coherence Team are: Ms. Chieffo, Ms. Barnard, Dr. Camp, Ms. Caolo, Ms. Finn, Ms. Johnson-Dreyer, Ms. King, Ms. Lampert, Ms. McEntee, Ms. Macomber, Ms. Nyerick, Ms. Ware, Mr. Smith, Dr. Millen and Dr. Carpenter. Our school was selected by DESE to participate in the Kaleidoscope Deep Learning Collective! Fin'tastic!

We also recognized the kindness club for their 300 acts of kindness last month, and we recognized ALL of the community partners that supported our playground build.

A Special SHARK Shout Out To:

2013-2020 CES Playground and Beautification Committee

Chatham PTO

2015-2020 CES School Council

MRSD Director of Facilities

CES Custodial Staff

MRSD Superintendent and Business Manager

Town of Chatham Community Preservation Committee

Town of Chatham Select Board

Town of Chatham Board of Finance

Director Chatham Park and Rec and the Park and Rec crew

Chatham Town Manager

Director of the DPW and the DPW crew

O’Brien and Sons; Joe and Jodi and her crew

Chatham Fire and Police Departments

The 21 organizations that wrote letters of support

Chatham Merchants, the voters of Chatham, all others/organizations that provided time, talents, and treasures to this project, and

Most of all, to the students, faculty, and staff of CES!

And then lastly, we had our ribbon cutting ceremony for our playground. Although we could not go outside due to the weather, the students were so excited to share what they loved about the playground. One student exclaimed, "I love everything!"

Click here for the slideshow for the event.
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New community playground opens at Chatham Elementary School

After years of hard work by scores of individuals and organizations, a new, accessible community playground has opened at Chatham Elementary School. Planning for this playground project began years ago with the CES Playground and Beautification Committee, which was composed of parents, teachers, town officials, and community members. The bulk of the funding for this project came in the form of a Community Preservation Act grant from the Town of Chatham, with additional fundraising supported by the Chatham PTO. The playground was installed in recent weeks, and after receiving inspection approval, officially opened for play on January 7, 2020. CES Principal Dr. Robin Millen held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on January 8 to celebrate this milestone and thank all of those who supported the project. In her remarks, Dr. Millen thanked the following people and groups: 2013-2020 CES Playground and Beautification Committee; Chatham PTO; 2015-2020 CES School Council; MRSD Director of Facilities; CES Custodial Staff; MRSD Superintendent and Business Manager; Town of Chatham Community Preservation Committee; Town of Chatham Select Board; Town of Chatham Board of Finance; Director Chatham Park and Rec and the Park and Rec crew; Chatham Town Manager; Director of the DPW and the DPW crew; O’Brien and Sons; Joe and Jodi and her crew; Chatham Fire and Police Departments; the 21 organizations that wrote letters of support; Chatham Merchants, the voters of Chatham, all others/organizations that provided time, talents, and treasures to this project; and the students, faculty, and staff of CES.

The playground is located on the ground of Chatham Elementary School and is used by students during the school day, and is also open to the public in the afternoons, weekends, school vacations, and during the summer. The new equipment and poured-in-place surfacing are accessible to a wide range of users, and encourage creative, active play and collaboration. (article posted on Monomoy website)

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Slime Club Photos

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Stellar Spellers!

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A SHARK Shout Out to CES Teachers for Sharing With Our School Committee and our Community What Deep Learning Looks Like, Sounds Like, and Feels Like in our School and Across the Globe!

Click on video below to see the presentation. CES starts about 45 minutes into the meeting.
1/9/2020 School Committee Meeting

General School Information

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2019-2020 CES PTO Meetings Will Be Held on the 2nd THURSDAY of Each Month-ALL Welcome

PTO Minutes

Chatham Elementary PTO Meeting Minutes

Thursday, Dec 12, 2019

Present:, Jen Segerson, Deborah Hanley, Robin Millen, Kim Terrio, Kathy Ware

1. Welcome and Introductions

2. Treasurer’s Report:

The PTO has $8,407.

Spaghetti dinner brought in $2,445.00, sharkwear $1250.00 Ellen Gould donated $500 and provided scholarships for 4 families and Art to Remember(K sending thank you)

3. Playground Update:

Mulch was brought in to be spread, weather has not been cooperating. Ribbon cutting will take place tues/wed next week. Notice will go out and it might be short notice to attend.

4. Events/Fundraisers

Movie Night:

1/31 and 4/3 Jen will contact Linda and we will do a vote for movie night


Late January Early February we’ll get this going with orders - Deb will be contact(?)

Fun Run:

We will need a contact, Heather is too committed. Deb wil email Ms. Smith and see if she is able to chair. Choosing a date for May.

Kaleidoscope Collective/Family Night:

Our school was chosen out of 500 applicants to receive a grant to for this special pilot program.

On 1/16 there will be a special event at CES for families to attend and learn about the creative learning process our teachers just presented in Canada. Deep learning experiences, global learning, citizenship and choices are some of the things the program utilizes to enrich learning.

5. MISC.

$th grade students presented their ideas for “Soles of Hop” program to acquire funding to make shoes for Uganda. They are looking to fundraise to offset the price of pattern kits to cut denim “shoes”. Robin will be contributing to cost.

CES PTO Student Directory 2019-2020

Please click here for the 2019-2020 PTO School Directory.

To add to/change/edit the student directory, CLICK here

Please contact the school office to update our database, and click here to update the CES PTO Directory.

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2019-2020 School Council Members:

2019-2020 School Council members:

Ms. Meghan Lampert (EL teacher)

Ms. Lenore Chieffo (Gr 3 teacher)

Ms. Lindsay Bierwirth (CES parent)

Ms. Ann Barnard (Gr 2 teacher)

Ms. Kathy Ware (Library Media teacher)

Ms. Maegan Story (MRSD parent and community representative)

Ms. Jessica Rogers (CES parent)

Ms. Deb Lopes (CES parent)

Dr. Millen (Principal)

The CES School Council meets the first Thursday of each month from 2:30-3:30pm.

Meeting agenda and minutes for upcoming and from past meetings online.

Click here for the 2018-2021 Schoolwide Improvement Plan

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Quote of the Issue:

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Please Visit the Mini-Libraries at Lake Street Terrace Apartments and out front of CES

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Community News:

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