Indian Independence

The Struggle is Real

Mohandas Gandhi: Spiritual Leader or Father of a Nation?

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Mohandas Gandhi, or as some have come to know him as Mahatma, is causing waves in India these days. One man has managed capture the hopes of the collective nation. Tired of witnessing injustice under British rule, Mr. Gandhi has organized a large movement based around peaceful civil disobedience. I followed Gandhi on his now famous Salt March, and what I saw I could not believe. The spirit of this man is not easily broken, and I believe the spirit of the Indian people must follow him forward to independence.

Religious Freedom

Our leader, Mohandas Gandhi, has advocated for an independent nation free from religious turmoil. It is a belief that Gandhi and myself share in which Hindus and Muslims may live together peacefully, under one flag. This has been called into question by many in the country, but I urge my fellow citizens to see our common grounds and find peace. Our work to gain independence from the British Empire must not be threatened because of religious quarrels.

Mr. Cooper

Compiled November 10

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