Iguana Info

January 25-29

This week

Wow what an amazing week celebrating 100 day!!! The Iguanas also learned about letter Yy and number 10. We made necklaces out of 100 fruit loops (counting by 10's), dot painted one hundred times, counted one hundred body parts to our class caterpillar and added legs with shoes, counted to one hundred, made a one hundred day snack, made another caterpillar with 100 cookies, and even watched 101 Dalmatians for a special Friday treat! We also built a pyramid with 100 cups! In science with Mrs. Vaden, we learned about capacity and we estimated how many pours of water we would need to fill a large vase. It took a bunch of pours with the smaller measuring cup and less pours with the larger one! So fun. Have a great weekend!
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What's next?

Letter Mm, Chinese New Year, and Groundhog Day!!! We will spend the whole week learning about Chinese New Year, making lanterns and dragons. We will also be eating Chinese food for lunch on Friday. More information coming soon!
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Thank you so much for the snack items this week. The Iguanas had a blast making their special snacks!!

Thank you for all of the tops you have been sending! We are close to having enough. Please send them for one more week and then we will have plenty!!