Tips for 21st Century Learning!

If you are a learner today, don't skip these helpful tips!

My adventures on the interwebs: Helpful Tips

1. Don't take yourself too seriously: be silly, have fun, you never know what kind of create work can come out of something silly

2. Take your time: Take time to press buttons, figure out all the ins and outs. You will have a better product if you know how to make it the best you can.

3. Don't worry about making mistakes: There is an UNDO button or a BACK button for a reason!

4. There is always more than one way to do something and get it right anyway: There are tons of sites out there that will help you with everything from creating art, to music, to presentations. If you don't like this site, use another!

5. Be creative: think out of the box, let your imagination lead you to a great product. Innovation is the key word!

The Best Part about Digital Learning is....

getting to make amazing products! I would never have imagined being able to do so many things as a student, use what you have and get that well deserved A+!!

About the Writer

8th grade Science Teacher at Hope Mills Middle trudging through a digital world with kids that type faster than me!