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March 1, 2022

ATTENTION BCHS Seniors and Parents!

We will be out of the office for Spring Break from March 21st to March 25th.

If you need Transcripts for scholarships, please see Guidance for copies BEFORE we leave for Spring Break.

FAFSA is DUE APRIL 15, 2022!!!

Students that plan on attending college next year will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA window opened on October 1, 2021 and will close on April 15, 2022.

Several colleges will begin sending out Financial Aid packages WELL before April 15th. Please try to complete the FAFSA as soon as possible. It requires student and parent tax information that was submitted this past April 2021 (2020 Federal Tax Return Information).

All students and parents must also apply for an FSA ID. This serves as your electronic signature on the FAFSA application.

This is the link to create an FSA ID:


This is the link for the FAFSA application:


Below is a PDF of the FAFSA worksheet. This sheet provides information about what is included on the FAFSA and can be used as a guideline when completing the FAFSA online.

Here is also a link with helpful tips on how to complete the FAFSA! Remember the FAFSA is FREE to complete!!




Indiana Sheriff's Association Scholarship- Applicants must be an Indiana resident pursuing a degree in Law Enforcement at an Indiana college or university. Students must be a current members of the association or a dependent or grandchild of a current member. Membership information is also attached to the application. Applications MUST be mailed directly to the association. The application is posted on google classroom and is available in the Guidance Offie. APPLICATIONS Must Be Received by APRIL 1, 2022

Rumpke Medora Landfill Scholarship- This scholarship is open to any senior in Jackson County who plans to attend a 2 year or 4 year college. Applications are available on google classroom Applications must be postmarked or emailed by March 11, 2022

Schneck Medical Center Foundation Scholarships- Scholarship is open to students participating in allied health careers (radiology, respiratory therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, pharmacy, surgical technology, etc.) Amount of scholarships vary, but several are given to Jackson County Students. Applications are available on the web starting January 15th. www.schneckmed.org Applications can be submitted by mail at 411 W Tipton Street, Seymour, or personally dropped off at 415 S Walnut Street – Suite 201, Seymour. DEADLINE IS MARCH 15, 2022.

The Kyle Harrop Memorial Scholarship- To be eligible students must have participated in Academic Teams while in high school. They must also plan to attend Purdue University in the fall. Applications are available on Google Classroom. They MUST BE EMAILED by MARCH 11, 2022

IUPUC-Nursing Direct Admit Application- Students need to have applied and been accepted to IUPUC. Direct Admit Nursing students are able to complete their freshman year of college without worrying whether or not they'll get into the nursing program. The application is posted on google classroom. No specific deadline, open until all 20 available spots are filled. Apply ASAP

Tri Kappa Scholarship- The Brownstown Chapter of Tri-Kappa has a scholarship open to Seniors planning on entering college. Applications are posted on google classroom. Completed applications can be turned in to the Guidance Office. DEADLINE IS APRIL 1, 2022.

Seymour Noon Lions Scholarship- This scholarship is open to Jackson County Seniors. The scholarship is based on scholarship, citizenship, moral character, and need. The application is posted on google classroom. It must be mailed to the address listed. DEADLINE is APRIL 1, 2022.

C. Louis Sommers Scholarships- Open to BCHS students that have participated in athletics in high school. Applications are on google classroom. Applications must be turned in to the Guidance Office. DEADLINE IS APRIL 1, 2022

Freetown High School Alumni Association Academic Scholarship- To be eligible for the scholarship students need to have attended Freetown Elementary School for one year, be a resident of Freetown School District at time of graduation, and begin some type of higher education by fall 2022. Scholarship applications are available in google classroom. Please scan them and attach them to the assignment. DEADLINE IS APRIL 15, 2022.

Abbott and Fenner Scholarship- Students will submit an essay on the topic that appears on the scholarship page of our website: http://www.abbottandfenner.com/scholarships.htm


Health and Human Sciences Scholarship
Any Jackson County Senior who has chosen to study a career in the Health and Human Sciences Field (Registered Dietitian, Family Consumer Science Education, Child Development, Textiles, Chef School, etc.) The application is available on google classroom.
Deadline April 4, 2022

Brownstown Central Classroom Teacher Association Scholarship- A $500 scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior who is pursuing a career in education. Applications are available in the Guidance Office. Applications are to be submitted to Ms. Workman.

Deadline April 15, 2022

Bedford Board of Realtors Scholarship- Students must be the child, stepchild, grandchild, or legal ward of a primary or secondary member of the Bedford Board of Realtors. Deadline is March 15, 2022. Applications are available on google classroom. Applications must be mailed to: Bedford Board of Realtors 1835 Steven Avenue Bedford, IN 47421

Jackson County Recycling District Scholarship- This application is open to any permanent resident of Jackson County. Priority will be given to students who are following a

course of study that will focus on and encourage environmental

stewardship. Applications must be emailed or mailed. DEADLINE is APRIL 19, 2022

Sertoma Scholarship- The Sertoma scholarship is available to any senior that will pursue studies in a health science related field. (Priority is given to Speech/Hearing students, but will consider all health science majors) A small essay is required. The applications can be found on google classroom. DEADLINE IS APRIL 15, 2022.

BC Classroom Teacher Association Scholarship- This scholarship is given to a BCHS student planning a career in education. Students must complete the application, essay, and have 5 teachers complete the attached recommendation. Applications and necessary forms are available on google classroom. DEADLINE IS APRIL 15. (All applications must be submitted directly to Ms. Workman)

Psi Iota Xi Scholarships- Psi Iota Xi offers 6 different scholarships. The first scholarship is open to students interested in majoring in Speech Therapy or Fine Arts. They also offer a scholarship for Senior Choir and Band students. The next scholarship is for a Senior Art student. The final scholarship is for Seniors involved in the school newspaper or yearbook. All of the applications are available in google classroom. Deadline is APRIL 15, 2022 (All Application may be submitted to the guidance office)

Sherry's Gift Nursing Scholarship (Sherry Fleetwood Memorial Scholarship)- This scholarship is open to a senior that plans on majoring in nursing. Students must complete an application and attach a page explaining why they have chosen nursing and what qualities they possess that will attribute to this career. Applications are available on google classroom. DEADLINE IS APRIL 18, 2022

Blue and Company LLC Scholarship- This scholarship is open to any senior with a 3.0 or higher GPA and planning to pursue am associate or bachelor's degree in accounting. The scholarship form is available on google classroom. It must be submitted to Blue and Company via email. DEADLINE IS APRIL 21, 2022

Herschel Baughman Memorial Scholarship- This scholarship is open to a BCHS senior athlete. Students must have a 3.0 or better GPA, earned at least one varsity letter, and plan to attend a college or university. Applications are available in google classroom. The applications must be RECEIVED by MAY 1, 2022 to the address listed on the application.

Jackson County Sheriff's Department DARE Scholarship- Students must be Jackson County residents and a DARE graduate. The scholarship requires a letter of recommendation and an essay. Applications are available in guidance. DEADLINE IS APRIL 14, 2022

Jackson County Young Republicans Scholarship- The selection will be based on resume/activities, community and volunteer service, and leadership responsibilities.

Deadline April 29th, 2022

Jackson Cattlemen's Association Scholarship- The scholarship requires a letter of recommendation and an essay describing your experience with the beef cattle industry. The application is available in the guidance office or on google classroom.

Deadline April 1, 2022


Do you want to earn your Associates Degree in 11 months instead of 2 years?

This is selective program to help students move through the first two years of college at a quicker pace in order to transfer to a 4 year college.

Specific GPA requirements must be met.

SEE GUIDANCE ASAP if you might be interested!!

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