Movie Sumarry


The 2009 film Avatar, written and directed by James Cameron, shows the story of one man, a paraplegic ex marine named Jake Sully, who decides to take his brothers place in a mission and be sent to the unusual planet of Pandora. On this planet, humans are mining a rich material which is found around the land on Pandora, so Jake is sent to retrive informartion about Pandora's natives, the "Na'vi" people, and does this by using an avatar identity. There is a twist in the plot as Jake begins to love the life of his avatar in the world of Pandora than his actual human life.

Avatar was entirely made using breathtaking visual effects, being able to truly see the lush and colourful planet of Pandora. This film has broken several box office records and is one of the highest grossing movies.

Main Characters

Special Features

This film uses many special features such as:

- Stereoscopic 3D technique

- CG annomation

- Live acting combined

- Facial Performance Replacement (FPR)

- Adobe Prgrams i.e Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, AIR, InDesign

Film Themes

The film Avatar, was written by James Camron, he included many themes in his script making the plot more complex and intriguing. One of the main themes to the film is property rights, as the humans who came to Pandora start war with the natives just for the land. This leads us to the next themes of religion and spirituality because the Na'vi people believe the spirit and wisdom of their anchestors is connected with the nature of the land. The Na'vi people's faith and culture is in the land, they consider it their home which is why they don't give it up. Another theme could also be love, as the Na'vi people love there land and also Jake and Neytiri fall in love with eachother. Whereas Colonel Quaritch is more focused on greed, imperialism and colonising Pandora.
All these negative and positive themes clash together to make a great and fascinating film.