Energy for the Future

Gus Senn

Here is a brief summary on three types of energy


1. Solar: Solar of course comes from the sun. It can be recovered in solar panels, heat water, and heat rooms or places. It can grow plants and energies animals animals that can be used for a different source of energy.The sun is an infinite source of energy that emits heat. It does not harm the earth so it is a great source of energy.
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2. Wind: Wind is found anywhere in the world. It is caused be uneven heating on the Earths surface by the sun. It can be recovered by wind turbines. Although wind only makes up 3% of the United States' energy, it could power 12 million households a year. Wind does not go away and does not harm the earth so in my opinion, it is a great source of energy that we use in the future.
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Hydropower: Water can be found in oceans, rivers, streams, and lakes. Water turbines are usually in dams from large lakes. Water is renewable because of the water cycle. Most of the time, water is reused over and over to an extent. Water turbines count for about 56% of the United States' power. Because of its renewability and envirement safety, i believe water is a great source of energy for the future.
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The Sun: The Sun has been around for about 4.6 billion years. It is classifies as a yellow dwarf and has a diameter of about 4,370,005.6 km. The Sun will be around for hundreds of millions of year. The benifits of using solar energy is that there is no limit of use. We are not using solar energy as a main source because it is expensive to buy solar panels or to pay for damage of solar panels. We should use renewable energies because burning fossil fuels harm earths atmosphere and causes bad health.


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