Lady Antebellum

Country Music


  • Hilary Scott was born in Tennessee on April 1, 1986.
  • Charles Kelly was born on September 11, 1981 in Augusta Georgia.
  • Dave Haywood was born on Ju;y 5, 1982 in Augusta Georgia.

  • The Band is made of Hillary Scott (Main Vocals), Charles Kelley (Backup vocals and guitar), and Dave Haywood (Backup vocals and piano) .
  • Lady Antebellum formed in 2006.
  • Soon after forming, Lady Antebellum gained quick notice from the Nashville music industry.
  • They began performing around Nashville and started playing to larger audiences.
  • In 2007, Lady Antebellum made their recording debut as guest vocalists on Jim Brickman’s, single, “Never Alone,” which reached number 14 on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart and propelled them to fame.
  • In July of 2007, Capital Records signed them.
  • In September of 2007, they released "Love Don't Live Here" which reached number 3 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs Chart.
  • Their first album Lady Antebellum was released on April 15, 2009 and was the first country album by a new group to get number 1 on Billboard's Top Country Album chart.


  • 5 Grammys
  • 6 Country Music Association Awards
  • 8 Academy of Country Music Awards
  • 2 People's Choice Award
  • 2 Billboard Music Awards
  • 3 American Music Award
  • 3 Teen Choice Award
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Top Songs

  • “I Run to You”
  • “Need You Now”
  • “Love Don’t Live Here”
  • “Lookin’ for a Good Time”
  • "Bartender"

Top Albums

  • 747
  • Golden
  • Own The Night
  • Need You Now
  • Just A Kiss
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Characteristics of Country Music

  • The lyrics in country music are usually emotional and tell a story.
  • Most country music has main vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo, base, and fiddle.
  • There is usually a theme of love, values, or emotions in country music.
  • Country music is generally sung from the point of view of the common man.
  • The vocals in country music sometimes features twang.
Lady Antebellum - Need You Now

"Need You Now"

S: Drums set, two electric guitars, two main vocals, back up vocals, piano

M: Two Main Vocals

H Drums set, two electric guitars,s, back up vocals, piano

R: Moderate; in 4

G: Intro, verse 1,chorus, verse 2, chorus, bridge, verse 3 chorus, interlude, chorus, outro

Moderate line


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