Marine Engineer

Xavier Terrien - 2nd Hour Science

Career Overview

A marine engineer is a person who oversees installation of propulsion, electrical, and other different systems on ships. They also study hull designs on currently operating ships and use that data to design new ships' hulls.

Steps to Succeed

You will need to have a Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and Technologies degree or a Ocean Engineering degree. You also have to have at least a bachelors degree and a graduate degree.

Education Cost

  1. What is tuition per semester or per year?
  2. $9,672 per year at UW Madison as an in-state resident.
  3. 2. How much will your total tuition be for however long it takes you to get your degree?

    4-5 Years.

    Probably will have to apply for loans, financial aid, and scholarships.

    Total of tuition, housing, food/groceries, gas money for me would be around $650 a month

    Probably will have to find a part time job as well.

Professional Organizations/Associations for Career

1. ​ ​ American Society for Engineering Education.

2. ​ ​Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers


Pros: ​1) $54,890 yearly salary as a beginner.

2) $104,030 yearly salary when experienced.

​3) Could work in Green Bay.

Cons: ​1) May have to travel.

2) May have to live out of state.





Marine Engineer Radio Commercial

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