Dakota Fullerton


I am going to tell you all about the Virginia.
I am going to tell you all about Dakota Fullerton he is the Arthur that tell you the story all about


Virginia is a very popular place they are almost impossible to get around.

The population is about 2,249,964,581,892 people that live there when Virginia was

Made in 1456 by a very popular person he died in 1992 he was married to a woman with

A very popular all ready then he became more popular. He was about 435 years old


The games that they played is gabling and hunt fox deer bear duck birds and other animals it all depends on what level you are poor or media or rich it all depends what you are on some people just have luck some people are poor but they are lucky to get in the riches class and do more stuff when you are in a hier then the poor people


the Arthur is about 435 years old he was married to a woman she was all ready famous he was the one how made the Virginia


so those are the reason I pick Virginia so you should go to Virginia. I hope you like the reason why I pick Virginia during the colony times and that why I pick Virginia .........


Famous people that is know alot
Riches are people that has alot of money
gabbling is people that plays for money



All about the author Dakota Fullerton

I am 11
I like to go hunting and ride my dirt bike
my name is Dakota Fullerton
I was adoption

I have a two baby brothers that lives in Virginia and that is why I pick Virginia

That where my dad grow up so I am a big fan of Virginia