Library Notes

Ellen Woodside Elementary School Media Center -- May 2013

Spring Reading Activities at EWE

  • Ellen Woodside sponsored a Battle of the Books Team of 4th and 5th grade students who competed at a District Reading Competition on their knowledge of 10 of the 2012-2013 South Carolina Children's Book Award nominees. Team Members are: Clarissa Woody (Captain), CeCe Taylor, Quinton Blackmon, Madison Dytman, Haileah Wilson and Adriana Castro-Gonzales.
  • 5th graders Clarissa Woody, Lauren Olson and Jordan King began "The Book Worms" a 5th grade book club that read and discussed both "The Secret Garden" by Frances Burnett and "Lost in the War" by Nancy Antle.
  • Ellen Woodside had 154 third through fifth grade students qualify for the Greenville Drive's Reading All-Star Program. Mrs. Swindall and Mrs. Gilliam both had 100% participation in their classes and share the baseball mitt trophy for greatest participation.

New Arrivals in the Library!

Books requested by our teachers this spring are now available in the library.

Ellen Woodside Elementary School Media Center

Lucy Tinsley, Media Specialist

Paula Woody, Media Clerk