Plans for front cover

some different ideas


I am planning to use the weatherhead logo on the front cover of my magazine, so it allow the audience to know that the magazine is about weatherhead high school and it is also created by an weatherhead student.


I was thinking to design my masthead like the weather logo, working against a dark royal blue background with plain white writing. I also hoping to place this on the right hand side on the page, which is connected to the weatherhead logo.

Main images

I am planning to have the main image involving a student who studies in weather head high school or an image of the main subject that I will be writing about. I also am hoping when I edited the image, that I would not have to do to much editing with this image and it would be a simple background image, instead.


I would like to work towards have two to three coverlines on my front cover, one of my coverlines is about the department that I and writing about, another one to be about the head teacher or one of the teachers that people will easily recognize. I also like to have an coverline informing the audience about the students within the, for example about their grades or their won view inside the school.

Sub image

I am hoping to have an sub image next to one of my coverlines, which gives an inside view of the school;I would also like to design it on a angle.