Summer Enrollments: Up or Down?

How to maintain & potentially build enrollment during summer

The summer months can be a challenge...

Those of us that have been in the preschool and childcare industry for awhile know that the summer months can be hard. Our preschoolers graduate (which we LOVE) but then we are left with a hole in our enrollments.

What do we do? How do we fill them?

We hate to lay off staff (because they are fabulous), but if schools are not running at at least break-even, this is something we could all be potentially faced with.

So just HOW do we keep enrollments up and even GAIN new students through the summer? Read on...

There are several things you can do to keep & build enrollment

If you are looking for some ideas for how you can keep your enrollments steady and potentially even gain new business through the summer months, you may want to try one or more of these ideas:

  • Push back graduation: I know what you are thinking... "I can't do that! Everyone graduates in June!" You would be surprised how quickly your clients become comfortable with (and even appreciate) a July graduation. By pushing back your graduation a month, you maintain most of your graduating preschoolers for another 4 weeks!
  • Create a FABULOUS summer program: Really put some thought into your summer program. Go beyond simple water play and brainstorm some truly fantastic themes.
  • MARKET your fabulous summer program: Once you have your summer program planned out (including rates & times), place it on your website and all of your social media pages. Share your program with local schools (especially if you take older children during the summer). Place banners outside of your school with contact information so when people drive by they see it, and call or visit your website to register. Start promoting your summer program in April for best results!
  • Let people know when Fall enrollments begin: Letting people know through social media and traditional methods that Fall enrollment has begun will boost enrollment. Hold open houses and evening events inviting the public into your school. Create some buzz for yourself. It's OK to let people know if you only have a few spots remaining! Use that to your advantage... It may just help you fill those last few spaces.

If you just don't seem to have the time to get a truly fantastic summer program going this year, take a minute to learn about Fusion Early Learning's Discovery Camp program below. We can help you have the best summer ever!

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