2015 Year in Review

Steven Kirk

Best Company Marketers

Apple- does a great job understanding the future and creating the greatest things before people even know they want it. Whether it is the iphone 6 or the iwatch, Apple just keeps rolling over its competition. Because of their marketing it is rare to find someone who has a different type of phone that is not an iphone.

Geico- Geico knows exactly what they are doing. They have become one of the most well-known insurance companies. The usage of the little pig, the Gekko, and the caveman has been a huge part of this. You look around and see that other insurance companies do not do ads anything like that.

Toyota- Toyota has emerged as a top car dealership with Ford and Chevy, due to their marketing. They have released cars over the last few years, like the Lexus brand, and had such commercials that have attracted consumers. They have also put in great hybrid technology into their cars. The Prius Hybrid was a great car that took the world by storm and added to the consumers they attracted.

Best Products

Iphone 6s- It has the fastest mobile processor among phones, and is also 4.7 inches. Apple put on many commercials for it that attracted viewers, and the new iphone seems to always be at the top of the charts It is hard to believe there is still many other phone companies.

Dell Ultrasharp U3415W- The new monitor/computer made by Dell, it has the biggest screen on the market for computers. Ghosting on it also feels nonexistent. The screen can be as bright as the consumer wants it and the aspect ratio is outstanding.

Worst Products

Luminette- The Luminette gives portable light therapy to those who need energy in the morning. Part of the reason the product failed was because it is very uncomfortable and inconvenient in the way it sits on people’s face. Also people wont buy it for aesthetic reasons.

InBody- The InBody tests someone’s percent body fat, segmental muscule distribution, and body water balance. It is an interesting product, but the numbers and charts they show can be quite confusing for an average consumer. The point of it is to make life easier, and it doesn’t really help if consumers cannot understand it.

Best Movies

Star Wars: The Force Awakens- The franchise is one of the best well known, and the movie were involved in several companies’ commercials to help market it even more. The trailers also attracted viewers. While it was well marketed, the legacy of the series was a big boost.

The Martian- Is about how an astronaut on Mars must try to survive on Mars and wait the awaited arrival of help from Earth. Many advertisements helped its success along with its great message on survival and faith in your friends.

Top Musicians

Carrie Underwood- Once started out on American Idol, she is one of the best known country musicians and had one of the top albums (“Storyteller”) again in 2015. She has made the covers of her albums very enticing to many consumers along with her outstanding voice.

Luke Bryan- Bryan had a great year despite the death of his brother-in-law. He too had great and popular albums released such as “Spring Break Checkin’ Out” and “Kill the Lights”. The points he has made in his music is what makes him great. Like in the song, "Drink a Beer" he refers to his brother and sister without saying their names.

Top 5 MLB Players

  1. Zach Grienke
  2. Bryce Harper
  3. Josh Donaldson
  4. Mike Trout
  5. Paul Goldschmidt

3 New Years Resoloutions

1. I will look to be more outgoing with new people this year. I will start college, so this will have to be a priority

2. I will be more respectful to my parents. A lot of times I lose my temper with them, and I need to control that this year.

3.I will get a good job in the spring and continue my education at JMU or VT. I need to get a job that has to do with communicating with people to improve my social skills for the world in the future