The Yeti

by Diana Cruz

about the yeti

2., 3.The yeti is a rather small version of the north American big foot. The yeti makes a high pitched cry. They have a body full of fur but barely any on their face and chest area.

locations and first sightings.

2.usually spotted in the mountains of asia where the yeti has been found many times. 4. But the first sighting of one was back in 1832


1. recently, a woman by the name of jane, was on a trip and she found a mysterious footprint, she took a picture of it and sent it to her husband. Her husband became curious of the footprint and started looking at some books about some mysterious footprints and found a print exactly like the picture his wife captured and both later found out that the print belonged to the yeti.

real or not

3. over the past years many people are still unsure if they would want to believe in this creature even after all the evidence. many people believe that the yeti is just a person in a costume trying to make people believe in the yeti or that its just been edited to look "real" even though there was been evidence to prove it being genuine


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